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A great café with authentic pastries from France: Eclair au Café in Hamburg. We were there during the cooperation period with Bonne Maman and tried the treats. The ingredients are carefully selected and you can literally taste the high quality of the food and drinks. We felt very comfortable in the small café and will definitely be back!

French Specialties at the Grindel

On a beautiful Friday at lunchtime, it took us to Grindelhof 58, Rotherbaum in one of the 9 branches of Eclair au Café in Hamburg. The small café is located on the corner of a busy street with many small and large restaurants and cafes. Especially when the weather is nice, many people are out and about there, sitting in the outdoor areas of the eateries. The Eclair au Café unfortunately has no outdoor seatings, but instead, has an even sweeter indoor area.

Nearby you can also find Salon Wechsel Dich! We have already tested this delicious breakfast café for you. Check it out here!

The design of the small salón immediately throws you back to a vacation in Paris. Upon entering, one is immediately struck by the counter with beautiful little pastries, the antique furniture and the great decor and color scheme throughout the place. It’s hard to make a decision when looking at the great pâtisserie pieces. The bakery and pastry shop offers other French classics like pain au chocolat or croissants, in addition to the eclairs included in the name. There are also small cheesecakes in different variations as well as small tartes with, for example, blueberry, raspberry or other toppings. In addition to the French delicacies, you can also find the classic Hamburger Franzbrötchen.
Also, you can also buy delicious bread rolls, bread or baguettes. The latter is offered with various toppings.

Great Quality in a Small Café

We have to mention that everything looks great! The café is clean and it seems as if the owners put a lot of emphasis on the quality of the ingredients. For example, eggs and milk are sourced from the region or flour is imported from France. The coffee and teas offered also seem to be of high quality.
The service staff was super nice and let us choose our food and drinks at our leisure. With a selection like that, you also need a bit of time to decide. You order at the counter, get the food and drinks brought and pay for everything when you leave.

Unfortunately, the toilet was not usable on this day. So I tried the Thai neighbor restaurant, which has kindly let me use the toilet. Sure it can happen that the toilets are not usable, but this is of course not optimal.

Our Order

After much consideration, we decided on:

  • Eclair au chocolat 4.90 €
  • Cheesecake aux Framboises 5.90 €
  • Sandwich Jambon et Comté 5.90 €
  • Black Tea 3.50 €


The hot drink was served in a large glass with loose tea in a filter. Taste-wise, the tea was great and you could tell that it was high quality tea. However, the glass was a normal drinking glass, which became very hot after a short time and you could hardly touch it. We would have liked a mug or some kind of “overcoat” for the glass.

Eclair au Chocolat

Mhhh, the eclair au chocolat was a dream. The chocolate on the pastry as well as the chocolaty filling worked perfectly together. It was not too sweet despite all the chocolate. The baked pastry was fluffy and rounded out the flavor.

Cheesecake aux Framboises

The cheesecake with Bonne Maman raspberry on top was also great! The motto of the jam that covered the cheesecake is “less sugar, more fruit” and that, one could definitely taste. The cheesecake was not too sweet, very dense but the fruit on top lightened it up again and refreshed it – great balancing!

Sandwich Jambon et Comté

The sandwich was made warm on request and also came warm to the table. Here, too, the coordination of the ingredients was super! Especially the delicious mountain cheese together with the ham and the arugula have rounded off the snack dish. The baguette bread tasted fresh and super tasty!

When we were there, the Eclair au Café had been transformed into, or merged with, a Bonne Maman Pop Up Café for a month. This meant you could also buy jams, madeleines and other treats from the popular French brand. Various food offerings were created together as a collaboration.

Eclair au Café – a Great Recommendation for you

All in all, we can highly recommend this little café. Even if there is no Bonne Maman Pop Up Café, Eclair au Café offers authentic and delicious pastries from France. In the café you can sit beautifully and take a little break from everyday life.

Overall Rating

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Want to check out the menu of Eclair au Café in Hamburg Rotherbaum? Click Hier.

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