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Singh Indian Restaurant is a good address for delicious and authentic Indian food. The staff is very nice and attentive. From the ambience to the quality, we really liked it. Only the price-performance ratio in relation to the portion size we found not quite coherent. But stop by and make your own picture of the Indian restaurant in Hamburg!

Indian Restaurant Near Main Station

At Steindamm 35, very close to Hamburg’s main train station, you’ll find Restaurant Singh. The entrance to the Indian restaurant is hidden between fruit and vegetable vendors, a great cinema and Arabic stores. The restaurant is located on the second floor, so you can get to the entrance via a small corridor up the stairs. Once there, you are welcomed by the friendly staff.

We were there on a Monday evening around 19:00 and the restaurant was still relatively empty. Therefore, we were also allowed to choose a table. At this time, all tables by the window were occupied and we sit down at any table in the middle of the restaurant. When choosing the table, the waiter saw that we were not 100% satisfied with the choice. After about 5 minutes, a table by the window became available, which he then kindly offered us. We found that very attentive! So we changed the table and could watch the busy street with all the big and small stores. Especially towards evening, Steindamm is very busy and offers a wonderful entertainment.

Tip: If possible, sit by the window so you can watch the hustle and bustle of the street while you wait for food and drinks.

Huge Selection of Indian Food

The menu is scanned via QR code. Since it really contains many dishes, I found the small version on the mobile screen a bit overwhelming. With such a large menu, we would have liked a traditional menu, where you do not lose the overview.

After much deliberation and scrolling, here’s what we decided on:

  • Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken, juicy chicken breast fillet with aromatic spices and tomatoes in a creamy nut sauce) 15.90 €
  • Paneer Tikka (Homemade fresh cream cheese marinated in yogurt and savory spices with peppers, onions and tomatoes, served on a hot plate with red onions and a homemade spicy curry sauce) 15.50 €
  • Butter Naan 3.50 €
  • Large bottle of water 6.90 €

The Ambience of the Indian Restaurant

All in all, the Indian restaurant looks very authentic. It has a golden-red design and many small decorative elements have received the restaurant’s logo. Thus, most of the plates there are also branded. During our visit, there were two Indian speaking people, who probably missed the food from home. For us, this speaks all the more for the authenticity of the restaurant.

During our waiting time, I took a look at the restrooms. Since this is also part of a good restaurant for us, we have to criticize here. The toilets are quite small and unfortunately you don’t feel particularly comfortable there. The facility looks a little old and perhaps not quite as clean as it should be.
The restaurant area, on the other hand, is very clean. There are no crumbs on the tables and the floor seems to be cleaned regularly.

The Presentation of our Dishes

After about 15 minutes of waiting, the food arrived. The presentation was super nice and of course fit perfectly into the ambience of the restaurant. The Murgh Makhani came in a small copper colored pot with a tea light to keep it warm. The skewer with Indian cheese (Paneer Tikka) also looked very nicely prepared. Even though the rice was only supposed to be a side dish, it was a real eye-catcher. The rice grains are not only white, but got yellow, orange and red color.

Did we like it?

Yes! Taste-wise, the food was great. The chicken from the Murgh Makhani was very tender and the sauce was not over seasoned. Our two dishes went so well together that we ate a mixture of both. The cheese (Paneer) was perfectly grilled and the side dishes/veggies with it tasted great too. The rice won us over with more than just its appearance. It was topped with a light touch of butter and spices, which really made the side dish a highlight.

The naan was also good, for my taste it could have been in the oven a little tad longer. But again, that’s complaining at a high level.
We have to criticize the prices. For over 15 € each, we found the portions quite small. We were full this evening, but find that in terms of portion size, the price-performance ratio is not quite right.

Our Verdict

All in all, Singh Indian Restaurant is a good address for authentic Indian food. The service is very nice and we felt comfortable. The ambience was also good. The dishes are very tasty and can be combined and shared in large groups. We find only the price-performance ratio not quite coherent. The longer we were there, the more the restaurant filled up. During the week, however, it does not seem as if you have to reserve a table. On the weekends, this can look different again.

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Indian restaurant in Hamburg with delicious and authentic dishes – Check out the menu here.

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