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Probably the best dumplings in Hamburg! The dumplings are prepared by hand and taste unique and authentic, especially because of the the many different fillings. You can order the dumplings fried, boiled or as a soup. Our favorite was the fried version. The spices and the homemade soy sauce with it were awesome! We can definitely recommend the restaurant!

An unassuming restaurant

On a cozy Saturday, it was once again time for a restaurant visit. For a long time the DumplingStudio was on our list. On Saturdays, the restaurant opens at 15:00, which was perfect for us for a late lunch. So we were there right when the store opened. The owner has just prepared the small outdoor area and received us.

The small restaurant looks very inconspicuous from the outside. Inside, there is room for about 8 people. Also from the inside, the place looks rather simple. There is no special design and also the decoration is not necessarily coordinated. But that is not important at all in DumplingStudio, here the star is definitely the food. The dumplings are all homemade and frozen. You can even pre-order frozen dumplings to take home. A dumpling cooking class is also offered.

Orders are placed at the counter and depending on how many guests are in the restaurant, it can take a little longer. This is because the owner runs the restaurant alone and accordingly cooks everything alone. At least that is how it was on this Saturday. We were the first, but immediately after we ordered our dumplings, the next visitors came and all seats of the small restaurant were occupied.

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Our Dumpling Order

  • Dumpling soup with vegetables (10 dumplings with chicken) 14 €
  • 2 dumplings with minced pork, cabbage, chives and celery 1.40 € each
  • 2 dumplings with beef, cabbage, chives, celery, peppers, tomatoes and carrots 1.40 € each
  • 2 dumplings with mixed minced meat, cabbage, chives and carrots 1.40 € each
  • 2 dumplings with chicken, sweet corn, peas, cilantro 1.40 € each
  • 2 dumplings vegetarian/vegan with carrots, zucchini, spinach, cabbage, chives and celery 1.50 € each
  • 2 dumplings with shrimps, egg and chives 1.70 € each
  • 2 Dumplings with Wood Ear (mushroom), egg and chives 1.70 € each

The minimum order quantity for dumplings is 8 pieces. The dumplings can be ordered either fried or boiled. Actually, a minimum quantity of 8 pieces per preparation method applies here as well. But since we ordered a total of 14 dumplings, the owner made an exception and served us 7 fried and 7 boiled. So we were able to try all the dumplings in the two preparation methods of the small restaurant.
Only one type of dumpling (with shrimp, cabbage and chives) was not available that day.

The Best Dumplings in Hamburg? 

Although the owner made everything herself, it did not take long before we had our food in front of us one by one. While we waited for our food, we could watch her prepare the dumplings and organize several orders at once.

Fried Dumplings

After about 15 minutes, the fried dumplings were brought to the table. They looked incredibly good and smelled fantastic! The dumplings are fried with oil and get refined with spices and some vegetables. Since you cannot see the filling from the outside, you have a new surprise with each bite as to which dumpling you chose. The fried version was really great! Even though the dumplings were previously frozen, the ingredients tasted super fresh. You could taste what the filling was with each dumpling – so it is not just a “mush” stuffed into the dough, but each filling is well matched and unique.

Boiled Dumplings

We hadn’t even finished our fried version when the boiled dumplings arrived. These also smelled good, but were a little inferior to the fried alternative. Again, the filling was not visible from the outside, but the more you could taste the individual components of the filling in this version. After the fried dumplings, the cooked ones seemed almost a little bland. However, you get a great homemade soy sauce with vegetables to go with it. If you dip the boiled dumplings before taking a bite, the taste is emphasized even more.

Dumpling Soup

And last but not least, we got our soup with chicken dumplings. This seemed like a diluted version of the homemade soy sauce we got in little bowls. In fact, it tasted like it, too. In the soup, the dumplings took on a whole different flavor and really surprised us. Super delicious! For us, a little flavor was missing in the soup, a bit of salt or other spices would have made it more flavorful.

So What Would we Recommend?

After trying all the dishes of the small restaurant, we can recommend our favorite: the fried dumplings. All dishes were super tasty and definitely authentic, but the fried dumplings were a real highlight. As for the fillings, you should try your way through. All the fillings have their own flavor and together they make a really great dish.

We can definitely recommend you to stop by DumplingStudio. But beware: it seems that the restaurant will close soon, so if you still want to try out probably the best dumplings in Hamburg, be quick!

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Here you can find out more about DumplingStudio – the most likely best Dumplings in Hamburg!

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