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Probably the best pizza in Hamburg in likely the best Italian restaurant in town! We love Luigi’s and come here again and again. The restaurant is actually always full and has a long line out the door. Nevertheless, you can still get a table, especially at lunchtime.

Luigi’s – a Real Must for all Lovers of Italian Cuisine

In the middle of the “Portuguese Quarter” is the Italian restaurant Luigi’s. The harbor promenade close by invites you to a walk along the harbor or a day of sightseeing after enjoying one of the best pizzas in Hamburg. You can usually recognize the restaurant by the crowd of people standing in front of it. Luigi’s is very popular and always full. At lunchtime, however, it is pretty likely you will get a table. Despite its popularity, we have noticed that some people do not know about this Italian restaurant, so we want to change that!

We were there at about 13:00 and got a table without any problems, the restaurant is still quite empty at this time. However, the longer we sat there, the more the restaurant filled up. As soon as you enter, you notice the authentic and unique atmosphere. The restaurant is not particularly large, but has a lot of seats. Many tables are not separated from each other and thus form a large table. This unfortunately leaves little privacy, but it invites you to talk and meet new people.

How Does it Look on the Inside?

The decoration and the design in general are very special at Luigi’s. All walls are painted or wallpapered with postcards. The paintings on the walls and ceilings are all in “Hamburg style”. So you can see the famous Davidwache as well as St. Pauli and Reeperbahn lettering. The postcards have funny sayings, but also birthday wishes – Luigi’s attachment to Hamburg and its visitors becomes quite visible.

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Back to our table

When we were taken to our table, we got the menu and were able to order our drinks.

  • Glas of still water (3.20 €)
  • Freshly squeezed lemon lemonade (4.50 €)

As we waited for our drinks, we heard the service speak in many different languages. From Portuguese to Italian and Spanish to Romanian. So we asked a waiter and he told us that people from many different nations work at Luigi’s and thus you also communicate in several different languages – we find this super interesting and definitely gives the restaurant something special.

Our Lunch Order

But now to the highlight of the restaurant: the food. For lunch we ordered:

  • Pizza Diabolo (17 €)
  • Tagliatelle Arrabbiata (12 €)

Through the open kitchen we could see exactly how our food was prepared. Since only a few tables were occupied, the preparation was quite fast, we waited only about 10 minutes for our food. But also on evenings when the restaurant is super crowded, we had good experiences regarding the waiting time. We usually order Pizza To-Go to avoid the hustle and bustle of the restaurant. Again, despite being busy, you usually wait only about 10-15 minutes. The team at Luigi’s seems to have the place absolutely under control. The waiters and waitresses sometimes seem a bit stressed – but that is understandable in a small restaurant with many tables in all corners. Especially in the evening, small and large groups try to somehow get a table, although the restaurant is already completely full.

Tip: Get a pizza to-go and sit on the stairs by the harbor. Especially in summer at sunset, the scenery is perfect for a wonderful dinner.

Probably the Best Pizza in Hamburg

As you can see from the pictures, the food looks very tasty! Honestly, the presentation in this case is not special, but this is made up for by the uniquely delicious taste. Both pasta and pizza were very spicy, as ordered. The spaghetti had whole chili and jalapeño pieces in the sauce, it was also perfectly cooked and the sauce tasted just fantastic. The pizza was also just a dream – for us, it is and remains probably the best pizza in Hamburg. The dough is super thin, the edge crispy and crunchy. And also the coordination between sauce, cheese and other ingredients is perfect. Our order was definitely something for spice lovers, but of course Luigi’s also offers many other meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.


In conclusion, we can only say that Luigi’s delights us every time. We usually come at lunchtime or order pizza to-go to avoid the hustle and bustle. If you want to have dinner there, you should definitely reserve a table beforehand. And even then, be prepared for a very crowded place with little space. But you can also look forward to a delicious and authentic Italian meal!

Overall Rating

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Value for Money

Check out the menu of Luigi’s here! Taste the probably best Pizza in Hamburg and tell us about it on Instagram.

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