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A nice Italian restaurant on the outskirts of the city. We liked it there and the service was very nice. The well-connected restaurant offers a large play corner for children, so it is perfect for families. Only the smell of the preparation of the food from the kitchen was quite strong and a little disturbing. Nevertheless, we liked it and can recommend La Cucina in Hamburg-Langenhorn!

“La Cucina” in Hamburg

In the mood for pizza, pasta and filet again? Then head to La Cucina in Hamburg-Langenhorn. This cozy Italian restaurant is located very close to the border with Schleswig-Holstein. Even from the outside, the restaurant invites you on a little trip to Italy. To enter, you walk past a cute front garden with a small car into the sweet house of the restaurant. The interior is also beautifully decorated. La Cucina also offers a relatively large outdoor area with a play corner for children. So, the restaurant is perfect for families. There is also a possibility to celebrate smaller and bigger events there.

The restaurant is not near the center of Hamburg, but it is super connected. Nearby is the subway station “Langenhorn Nord” of the U1. In addition, the restaurant offers parking for guests.

Outdoor and Indoor

We came to the restaurant for lunch and were the first guests that day. The nice waiter welcomed us and told us that the outdoor area was unfortunately not open despite the nice weather. This was a pity as it was supposed to be very nice. Shortly after we got the menu, a group of about 10 women came into the restaurant. These were also very sad that they couldn’t get into the outdoor area. It seemed that they had even made extra reservations in the outdoor area or asked beforehand.

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What did we have for Lunch?

To drink we ordered a large bottle of water (5 €) and decided to eat for:

  • Lasagna al Forno (layered pasta with minced meat and béchamel sauce topped with cheese) 10.50 €
  • Linguine all’ Arrabbiata é Mozzarella (Tagliatelle with spicy tomato cream sauce and mozzarella) 10.50 €

While we were waiting for our order, we noticed that you can smell the kitchen quite strongly in the restaurant. Of course, the preparation of the food does not smell bad, however, one is not used to smelling these smells so strongly in the dining area. After about 15 minutes, our food arrived.

Both dishes looked great. The pasta was served in a deep plate. The mozzarella was spread on the pasta as a topping and a little parsley was used for decoration. The lasagna came in a hot oven pan. It was served with parmesan cheese and baked baguette bread.

Did we Like the Food Taste?

We can say in advance: The food was very tasty. Especially the sauce of the lasagna was great – perfect also as a dip for the bread. Also the pasta had the perfect bite and the sauce was tasty. Only a little spiciness was missing for both of us. So we asked the waiter if he had some chili for us. He brought us a seemingly homemade chili oil. It was great and gave our meal the final touch – an absolute recommendation for you.

Tip: If you like spicy food, ask the waiter for the chili oil. This will round out your dish and give a spicy touch to your liking.

Conclusion for La Cucina

While we could enjoy our delicious lasagna and pasta, the strong kitchen smell was almost a bit disturbing. Although some windows and even the door were open, you could perceive the smell quite strongly – a bit of a pity. Nevertheless, all in all, we liked it. The food is very tasty and in our opinion the prices were also good! Some of the pasta is homemade, which is probably also great!

Overall Rating

Food Taste
Food Quality
Service Speed
Personnel Friendliness
Value for Money

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