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Otto’s Burger is worth a visit! For us, it is one of the best burger restaurants in Hamburg. The burgers are super juicy and taste delicious. Through many vegetarian, vegan and double meat options, everyone really gets their money’s worth. We were in the subsidiary in Lange Reihe and can only say good things from service to quality. In the coordination of the individual components of the burgers, there might be some potential to improve, but all in all a really good lunch and dinner option.

NEWS: Otto’s Burger has changed its menu. All “meat” burgers are now vegetarian, so they automatically come with their Portland patty (pea and wheat based meat substitute patty) at no extra charge. You can still get a meat patty of course, but these now cost an extra 1€.

Let me Introduce You

The goal of the team at Otto’s Burger is to provide quality food quickly and easily in a comfortable atmosphere. They focus on having a slightly smaller menu, but constantly changing specials. On the menu, you can find the Canadian favorite Poutine or for example Raclette Burger. The restaurant has three locations in Hamburg and one in Cologne. For the Hamburg restaurants, selected meat is sourced from the Lüneburger Heide and they try to ensure that the ingredients generally come from Hamburg and the surrounding area.

Otto's Burger Food Top View

The Restaurant 

We chose the restaurant in Lange Reihe this Sunday. There, one can enjoy the delicious burgers outside on beer benches or inside in a cozy atmosphere. At this point we must emphasize the absolutely friendly staff. First, we sat outside, but after we ordered our drinks, we realized that it was getting too cold for us. In other restaurants, when you change seats, you often notice that the waiters and waitresses do not like it, but here it was no problem at all and we were shown to a free table inside. In contrast to the hard and cold beer benches outside, the chairs and benches inside were a welcome change.

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Otto's Burger Interior

The restaurant is in an old and simple style, it is a bit dark and the wallpaper is reminiscent of an 80’s restaurant. The dark wood of the seating as well as the color choices of the decor also add to the ambience of a long-established burger restaurant.

We also found it great to see that they think of their ecological foot print: The napkins are 100% compostable and they have decided to leave out unnecessary plastic straws for the drinks.

A Great Choice of Fancy Food and Drinks

As mentioned, we already ordered our drinks outside: Otto’s Burger offers the classics, such as water, juices and spritzers, but also fancy homemade lemonades and smoothies. We opted for still water (3.50€) and homemade lemonade (4€). When it comes to food, the menu looks even more fancy: Vegetarian and vegan options jump right out at you. With any burger, the patty can be swapped out with their meat-alternative Portland patty. Vegan cheese and even vegan bacon (Happy Baycon) are also available. Of course, these customizations come at an additional cost. 

Those who love meat have the choice of ordering 1 or 2 patties on their burger and can of course add bacon, pulled beef or chicken. Otto’s Burger’s sauces are homemade and most are vegan. Additionally, there is something for everyone in the choice of sides: From “regular” fries over sweet potato and waffle fries to poutine and chipotle cheese fries, the restaurant offers a wide selection for fries lovers.

Delicious Food Quickly to Arrive

Adrian opted for the Mr.T Burger (10€) that day and I was able to enjoy the Cheeseburger (10€) with Portland Patty (4€) and Happy Baycon (2€). We had Waffle fries (4.50€) on the side. 

The food came pretty quickly, after about 10 minutes it was at our table. All the dishes were hot and fresh. However, the presentation lacked a certain something in our opinion. Still, the simple arrangement, completely without decoration, fits the plain and old design of the restaurant. My vegetarian cheeseburger was great, the patty was juicy and nicely seasoned. The Baycon had an unexpectedly hard consistency, but also tasted very good. With Mr.T Burger, we have one or two points of criticism: While the meat and cheese were cooked to perfection and had great flavor, the sauces and pickles drowned it out. So in this case, the rather secondary ingredients on the burger became primary. The waffle fries were fairly greasy, but that is probably the nature of these types of fries, as they have a lot of surface area to soak up the grease. Still, the side dish was very tasty and went well with our burgers. Until the end, the waitress was very nice and attentive. 

Our Verdict

We highly recommend Otto’s Burger. The burgers are delicious and the restaurant offers interesting variations of dishes. The eatery has a lot of space and it is possible to have a comfortable and delicious lunch and dinner. The service is great, all our wishes were fulfilled. For us, Otto’s Burger is one of the best burger restaurants in Hamburg!

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