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In the Colonnaden, the “Hamburger Stadtkrug” immerses you in an old German atmosphere: Brown furniture, nostalgic tableware and crocheted doilies characterize the ambience. The menu convinces with classic German and especially many potato dishes. During our visit, especially the crispy fried potatoes impressed us. The restaurant offers good value for money in a nostalgic flair, perfect for lovers of traditional German cuisine.

A touch of old Germany in the Colonnades

As you stroll through the Colonnaden, a somewhat hidden staircase at number 45 beckons you down to the “Hamburger Stadtkrug”. Here you are immersed in a world where time seems to stand still: brown furniture that could tell stories and the nostalgic dishes that serve as decoration transport you to grandma’s living room. On the tables you will find small crocheted doilies.

A restaurant just for us

On the day of our visit, the Colonnaden were almost empty, accompanied by bad weather. When we arrived at the Hamburger Stadtkrug around 3:30 p.m., we had the restaurant all to ourselves – we don’t usually know that. In better weather, the restaurant offers a spacious outdoor area in the pedestrian zone.

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Rustic German cuisine in the heart of Hamburg

A glance at the menu makes it clear: Hamburg’s Stadtkrug does not bear the nickname “Kartoffelstube” (potato parlor) for nothing. In addition to classic German and North German dishes such as schnitzel and labskaus, potato dishes dominate. A speciality that you should definitely try are the fried potatoes. We had heard about these beforehand and were eager to try them out to see if they are really as good as they are said to be.

Our Experience

We opted for the Schnitzel Wiener Art (€19.50) and the Käsespätzle (€12.90). Within about 10 minutes, the dishes came to our table. The Schnitzel was quite large and juicy, not too exceptional in taste. The spaetzle, on the other hand, had a lot of sauce and was thus very cemig, but that was almost a little too powerful for us. Both dishes were okay, all in all.
The stars of the day? The fried potatoes! Crispy fried and enriched with onions and bacon – really very tasty. The spaetzle and fried potatoes were served in beautiful pans and kept warm with candles.

Our Verdict

The Hamburger Stadtkrug offers hearty food in an old German ambience. We recommend the restaurant for all those who have a hunger for German cuisine, but do not expect culinary excellence.

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Want to browse the menu at Hamburger Stadtkrug? Click here.

Hamburger Stadtkrug – Colonnaden 45, 20354 Hamburg

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