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Are you looking for delicious pancakes in Hamburg? We have something for you! Lu Soufflé in Hamburg is a small but trendy restaurant with a great ambiance. Plus, there’s an open kitchen where you can watch the fluffy, jiggly pancakes being prepared. We tried “Choco Crumble” (€9.90) and “The Soufflé” (€9.80) – super tasty. With its unique concept and delicious and filling pancakes, Lu Soufflé is a must for all visitors to Hamburg.

Hidden Pearl in the Heart of Hamburg

Via a short detour from Mönckebergstraße over to “Kurze Mühren“, you will find Lu Soufflé. Right next to the Asian restaurant, Quan 36 too, is the small and rather inconspicuous restaurant, which you should not miss. The restaurant not only convinces with its trendy style, but is also a real culinary highlight for all foodies and pancake lovers.

Great Ambience, Live Cuisine and Refreshing Extras

Because of the limited seating capacity, the restaurant often seems very crowded. If everything is occupied, guests can often take a seat in the neighboring Asian restaurant – an unusual but charming solution. We have actually experienced Lu Soufflé very full quite often and can therefore only advise not necessarily to go there at evening times. However, you can order your small pancakes as a to-go portion and enjoy them outside. Unfortunately, there are only very few seats on the street as well.

A special feature of Lu Soufflé is the open kitchen, which allows you to watch the cooks prepare the fluffy pancakes. Since each order is freshly prepared, it can take up to 20 minutes until you have the little treat in front of you. However, we can say: it is worth the wait. Lu Soufflé also offers a free water refill station – a small but appreciated detail that rounds out the service.

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Food: Wobbly Pancakes that Inspire

Now we come to the most important part – the food. Lu Soufflé serves jiggly, fluffy pancakes whose main ingredient is egg. Our choices were the Choco Crumble (€9.90) and The Soufflé (€9.80). Both dishes surprised us not only with their beautiful presentation, but also with the different tastes when we tried them. Just under 10 € for a serving of pancakes is quite a lot to be honest, but still they are something very special and particularly if you already like the classic pancakes, a new experience.

The “Choco Crumble” captivates with its rich milk chocolate cream, which harmonizes perfectly with the light sweetness of the crumbled brownie. Crunchy almonds, fresh fruit and a dollop of whipped cream round off the dish.

“The Soufflé,” spread with butter and maple syrup and topped with whipped cream and fruit, was an absolute dream. The sweetness of the maple syrup harmonized perfectly with the fluffy interior of the pancake, while the fruit provided a fresh, slightly tart contrast.

Conclusion: A Must for Pancake Fans in Hamburg

The great food, unique ambiance and friendly service make it a must for anyone visiting Hamburg. With its delicious, filling dishes and open kitchen, Lu Soufflé is an unforgettable culinary experience. If you’re looking for perhaps the most unusual pancakes in Hamburg, Lu Soufflé is definitely your next stop.

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