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60 seconds to napoli offers a gorgeous beach bar right next to a river and authentic Neapolitan pizza baked in just 60 seconds. With an impressive bar decorated with red bottles and high-quality ingredients from the Naples region, the restaurant scores high on quality and ambiance. The Margherita and Don Diablo pizzas were flavorful highlights, as were the refreshing cocktails. The only downer was the somewhat stressed service. Nevertheless, 60 seconds to napoli is absolutely worth a visit.

Idyllic Beach Bar and Italian Flair

60 seconds to napoli is not just another restaurant in Hamburg, but rather an invitation to the world of Neapolitan pizza. Especially in the warm summer months, the adjacent beach bar directly on the water is ideal for relaxing and enjoying a few rays of sunshine.

The Ambience: A Play of Colors and Elegance

The restaurant is entered through the spacious main entrance. There you are greeted by a beautiful bar, whose design enchants with red bottles on parts of the wall and ceiling. Every detail, from the interior design to the luminous logo at the back of the restaurant, exudes Italian charm and modernity.

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

The highlight of the menu is undoubtedly the Neapolitan pizza. Its dough, which must rest for 72 hours, is made with flour from the Naples region, which makes the taste unmistakable. Baked at an impressive 485 degrees, each pizza is ready in just 60 seconds. The pride of the house lies not only in the speed of baking, but more importantly in the quality and selection of ingredients. From vegetarian to vegan options, everyone will find what they’re looking for here.

Our Order:

  • Sarti Lemon Spritz (8.50 €)
  • Lillet Rose White Peach (8.90 €)
  • Pizza Margherita (11 €)
  • Pizza Don Diablo (15 €)

How did we Like it?

During our visit, I opted for the Margherita pizza. Every ingredient, from the dough to the tomato sauce to the cheese, was perfectly balanced. The cheese in particular was super tasty! For the Don Diablo, we opted for chili oil instead of chili honey, which gave it an interesting spiciness. As with most Neapolitan pizzas, what you taste most is the dough, and that’s what was really top-notch.

There are always changing specials on the menu. So there is currently, from September to October, for example, the “Mortadella meets Burrata” or a “Carbonara” pizza. We found the menu super interesting and varied and will certainly try other creations.

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Cocktails and More

In addition to the pizzas, 60 seconds to napoli also scores with its drink selection. Our drink choice – the Sarti Lemon Spritz and the Lillet Rose White Peach – were refreshing and perfectly mixed. We drank the cocktails inside but outside at the beach bar is certainly even better to enjoy.

A Few Points of Criticism

Even though the food was great, there were small drawbacks with the service. Despite a lot of staff, everyone seemed stressed and a smile was unfortunately not the order of the day. This slightly marred the experience, but the taste of the pizzas quickly made us forget about it.


60 seconds to napoli is a must for anyone looking for modern Italian flair in Hamburg. Despite small weaknesses in the service, the overall experience is convincing. It is the perfect place for long summer evenings with delicious Neapolitan pizza!

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