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Right in the heart of Mönckebergstraße, Cinnamood tempts with an impressive selection of cinnamon rolls, from traditional to “Next Level” variants. Despite the proud price of between 3.90 € and 4.90 € per roll, every bite is convincing in terms of taste and quality. Although the constant lines outside the store can make ordering a bit stressful, the taste experience is worth every moment. A must for all those with a sweet tooth in Hamburg! By the way, you can also stop by if you live vegan, because there are also vegan options!

Between Fashion and Treats: Cinnamood Conquers Hamburg

Hamburg’s Mönckebergstrasse, known for its pulsating beat and popular stores, now has another star. Cinnamood, with its recently opened branch, attracts immense attention despite its small size. In fact, the line outside the small store is so constant, you’d think they were giving away free samples. But no, it’s the irresistible cinnamon buns that draw the crowds. If you want something to drink with your sweet treat, Cinnamood offers delicious coffee and other hot and cold beverages.

From the Classic to the Exotic: A Feast for the Palate

The word “cinnamon roll” takes on a whole new dimension at Cinnamood in Hamburg. The selection ranges from the familiar, savory “Classic Roll” to the extravagant “Next Level Cinnamon Rolls”. In addition, the variations change through, so there are always new creations.

The Cinnamon Rolls at a Glance:

Our choice was the Raspberry Roll, Oreo Roll, Bueno Roll and the Classic Roll. Raspberry Roll was super fruity and at the same time not too heavy. For us, it was an explosion of flavor combinations that ranged from raspberry filling and vegan cream cheese frosting to raspberry compote and raspberry crunch. The Bueno and Oreo Roll were both chocolatey in their own way. Each bite is an experience in itself. The Classic Roll, on the other hand, brought a familiar flavor, but that didn’t make it any less delicious!

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Design Meets Taste: An Irresistible Combination

Of course, it’s not just the taste that counts. At Cinnamood, presentation is paramount. When you order four of these delicious rolls, they come packaged in Cinnamood’s signature “Holo Box”, a glittery silver package that’s guaranteed to draw envious glances as you stroll the streets of Hamburg.

Price & Quality: A Sweet Investment

Sure, these heavenly cinnamon rolls have their price. Costing between 3.90 € and 4.90 € per roll, they are not exactly a bargain. But considering quality, taste and presentation, it is worth every penny.

As enchanting as the experience at Cinnamood is, it does have its pitfalls. With a constantly long line, choosing and ordering can be a bit stressful, especially when you’re spoiled for choice and have to decide quickly.

Final Thoughts

Cinnamood is more than just another place to buy sweets. Everyone who is in Mönckebergstraße or near the other stores in Hamburg should take a sweet break and treat themselves.

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