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“Pasta Autentica by Jill”, near the city hall, offers authentic pasta in Hamburg in a light-filled little restaurant. Decorated with bouquets of fresh flowers and with an inviting insight into the preparation of handmade pasta, it captivates every visitor. The selection alternates between ravioli, tagliolini, tagliatelle and more, and the ambiance is extremely stylish. Prices are a bit higher, but the quality and experience justified it for us. Reservations are recommended, as the small eatery fills up quickly.

In the Heart of Hamburg

Pasta Autentica by Jill is located in the immediate vicinity of the impressive Hamburg City Hall. With the address Börsenbrücke 5/7 it is easy to find, and what awaits you is pure pleasure for all the senses.
As soon as you enter, your senses are pampered. The comforting aroma of freshly prepared pasta greets you, while your eyes are drawn to fresh bouquets of flowers and the inviting interior. On your right, you immediately catch a glimpse of the art of pasta making, and before you know it, you are greeted by a friendly waiter with a warm smile.

The Centrepiece – Pasta in Perfection

The open pasta workshop is definitely the highlight. Whether outside through the shop window or inside behind a glass partition – everywhere you can watch a talented lady shaping different types of pasta with dedication and skill. From ravioli to tagliatelle, the offer changes and always promises freshness and authenticity.

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Ambience & Decoration – Harmony in Every Detail

Pasta Autentica not only values taste, but also the eye. The entire interior, from the bar-like seating in the front area to the discreetly placed flowers, exudes a warm, inviting atmosphere. The lamps, fine tableware, and candles in particular create an ambiance that immediately makes you feel at home.

Our Lunch

To start, we chose Parma Burrata (15.50 €), a delicious combination of Parma, bresaola and creamy burrata, served with fresh bread. All the components of the dish were fresh and perfectly matched each other. Since we love burrata, this was the perfect starter for two – an absolute recommendation! For the main course, the Ravioli con Salmone (18 €) was impressive with its delicate salmon filling and exquisite pistachio butter. The Pasta al Limone (17 €) was also a delight, even if the pasta was a bit softer than expected. But the taste of lemon and basil provided a refreshing note that rounded out the dish.

A Little Note About the Price

Although the prices are a little higher, they reflect the quality and freshness of the ingredients. Of course, we know that restaurants in this area can be a bit more expensive in general. In return, however, we can say that you also get a decent meal at Pasta Autentica by Jill. We were also both satiated for quite a long time afterwards.


Pasta Autentica by Jill is a must for any pasta lover. The experience, combined with the taste, makes every visit unforgettable. Make reservations in advance because this little restaurant gets booked up fast!

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Are you in the mood for authentic pasta in Hamburg? Then take a look at the menu of Pasta Autentica by Jill!

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