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Bona’me in Hamburg is a charming Kurdish-Turkish restaurant with a great ambience reminiscent of an oriental wonderland. The ordering concept allows you to order your dishes at digital stations and be told when they are ready for pickup via a vibrating device. We had a delicious Turkish bagel, Pide and a sweet variation of a Börek. Bona’me is, in our opinion, absolutely recommendable!

An Oriental Wonderland

Bona’me in Hamburg is more than just a restaurant. As soon as you enter the building, a completely different world opens up. Modern, large, and so cozy. The atmosphere is oriental. From the first moment you feel enveloped by the warm glow of the ambience, while the oriental music plays in the background. The Kurdish-Turkish restaurant offers a rich palette of different spaces and atmospheres. Whether you sit in the beautifully decorated lounge, surrounded by glittering lamps, or settle down in the outdoor area to enjoy the fresh Hamburg air – with more than 200 seats, bona’me leaves nothing to be desired.

An Innovative Dining Experience

The culinary experience begins with the ordering process. Bona’me follows an interesting concept: Upon arrival, you receive a small card with which you place your order at one of the many screens near the open kitchen. A small device that vibrates when the order or parts of the order are ready signals that you can go to the appropriate station to pick up your food or drink. The stations are clearly marked, so it’s easy to find your way around. Still, we would have liked a brief introduction to the system on our first visit. But after a short familiarization phase, the ordering concept was simple and straightforward.

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Tempting Drinks and Delicacies

Our order consisted of a black tea (€3.90) and a coffee (€2.90). The tea was served in a classic copper pot with small glasses. Both drinks were ready for pickup within about five minutes and tasted great.

For main courses we ordered a “DİBA Û SİMİT“, a creative interpretation of the Turkish bagel (10,90 €), a Pide with Sucuk (13,90 €), and a sweet Börek with Toblerone filling (8,50 €). The bagel impressed with the perfect harmony between scrambled eggs, avocado, arugula, tomatoes & sucuk, accompanied by homemade jam. The pide scored with the flavorful dough, Turkish pepperoni sausage, homemade tomato sauce & cheese. Lastly, the sweet Börek was a crowning glory to an already super meal. We just found it a bit of a shame that we couldn’t enjoy all the dishes at the same time, as they were ready to be picked up at different times.

An Unforgettable Culinary Adventure

Bona’me in Hamburg is a culinary adventure. The modern interior, the ordering concept and the delicious dishes make it an unforgettable experience. Despite the small initial difficulties in getting to know the ordering system, every visit here becomes a journey into oriental cuisine that you won’t soon forget. Absolutely recommendable!

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Check out the menu of Bona’me Hamburg here!

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