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CHHurrinos in Hamburg combines Turkish Lokma and Mexican Churros in one restaurant. Located right next to Dom of Hamburg, the restaurant impresses with its elegant design and the opportunity to watch the preparation. With the selection of dips and toppings, you can create your own sweet dream creations. While the dishes are delicious, they can also be quite powerful. If you have a sweet tooth, a visit to CHHurrinos is definitely worth it.

Location and Ambience

Ready for a journey into the sweet fusion of Turkish Lokma and Mexican Churros? CHHurrinos in Hamburg invites you to try both sweet pastry dishes!
Located in “Neuer Kamp“, very close to the lively Dom of Hamburg on Heiligengeistfeld, CHHurrinos offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Inside, a classy interior with neon signs, stylish lamps and huge comfortable chairs awaits you. Gold, blue and beige dominate the color scheme in the space, and there’s even a photo corner for Instagram enthusiasts!

Churros and Lokma in your Desired Creation

Despite the open kitchen layout where you can watch your sweet treats being prepared, you’ll be surprised by the lack of hot grease smell in the restaurant. I even got to enter the kitchen and film the cooking up close – check out the video on our Instagram account!
In addition to the Turkish specialty “Lokma” and the Mexican Churros, CHHurrinos also offers an ice cream-churro combination. The “CHHu-Loops” look great and piqued our interest, however, for us it seems more like something for the very hungry.

CHHurrinos Zubereitung
CHHurrinos Zubereitung

Nearby we also visited La Casita and the Hamburger Dom. Feel free to check out our posts on that!

Here’s how to Pimp your Delicious Dough Dishes

You can choose two dips, a fruity topping and two other toppings to go with the small portions. The possibility to make your own creations increases the fun factor and the anticipation. When it comes to sauces and toppings, you’ll have plenty of choices to get your fill. You can have the Lokma filled with Bueno, pistachio, white chocolate or chocolate. Toppings include fresh fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, banana and blueberries. And if that’s not enough for you, you can have the delicious dough dishes topped with sprinkles, chocolate drops, Oreo, shredded coconut and lots of different sauces. Here’s what we opted for this afternoon:

  • Small portion Lokma with Nutella filling, Bueno dip, dark chocolate dip, raspberries, chocolate sprinkles and Oreo (7.90 €)
  • Small portion of Churros with Bueno dip and Nutella dip, white chocolate and strawberries (7.90 €)
CHHurrinos Churros Lokma

The Taste Experience

Sweet, juicy and absolutely delicious – that’s how we would describe the Lokma and Churros. The combination of the fluffy dough, sweet filling and delicious toppings and sauces make for a real feast for the palate. Keep in mind, however, that these are mighty portions and can be quite greasy and heavy. So we would always opt for a small portion. But don’t worry if you can’t manage it all – a to-go box is available, of course!


CHHurrinos offers you a unique culinary experience that you definitely shouldn’t miss. From the warm atmosphere to the opportunity to watch your sweets being prepared, to the delicious flavors offered by the Lokma and Churros, CHHurrinos is a place to enjoy.

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Have we awakened your craving for the sweet Churros and Lokma in Hamburg? Then check out the website of CHHurrinos here!

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