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“Erdapfel” in Hamburg brings the potato into culinary focus. The restaurant is particularly striking for its rustic ambience and possible combinations of dishes. Our favorite was the “Aristotle” Erdapfel, which offers an exciting mix of pepperoni, giant beans, olives and feta. Although prices are not necessarily low, especially with additional fillings, the quality of the ingredients and the unique experience is worth it. A visit to Erdapfel for a healthy lunch or snack is definitely recommended.

Cozy Ambience, Friendly Service

Deep in the heart of Hamburg, just a stone’s throw from the bustling Mönckebergstraße, a restaurant awaits you that relies on one of the most humble but versatile ingredients in the world: the potato. We have been to Erdapfel for you!

You enter a world characterized by a warm, rural ambience. Flower boxes adorn the walls, and a huge picture of the potato harvest reminds you of the simple, down-to-earth life. There’s plenty of seating inside and out, so you can just relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Service is great – you order at the counter and get a little device that notifies you when your food is ready. The staff is extremely friendly and makes you feel right at home.

Erdapfel Gerichte

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Potato Art to Your Liking

The heart of the Erdapfel is the possibility to assemble your own Erdapfel. All variations have the potatoes with Gouda and herb butter for € 7.50 as a base. Included in the price are two fillings and a sauce of your choice. For those with a bigger appetite or more experimental taste buds, each additional filling costs €1.70 to €2.20.

Erdapfel Sitzmöglichkeit

Fresh Ingredients, Endless Combinations

The ingredients are all fresh, and the variety of fillings offers countless possibilities. You can opt for classics or try new, exciting combinations. We opted for an Erdapfel with bulgur, bruschetta and guacamole (€8), and the “Aristotle” Erdapfel with hot peppers, giant beans, olives, feta, onions, garlic olive oil and sour cream (€9.50). Taste-wise, both options are very good, although the Aristotle was a particular highlight, as the spicy hot peppers and creamy garlic olive oil made a great combination.

Quality Kitchen with Minor Drawbacks

Despite the many positive aspects of the potato, you should be aware that the prices can seem a bit high at first glance, especially if you choose additional fillings. Nevertheless, if you consider the quality of the ingredients and the fact that you are getting a healthy and delicious lunch or snack here, it can be worth it.

Erdapfel is undoubtedly a great restaurant that you shouldn’t miss in Hamburg. Whether you are a potato lover or just want to try something new, Erdapfel will surely meet and maybe even exceed your expectations.

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Do you now feel like putting together your own Erdapfel in Hamburg? Here you can see the menu.

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