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A great atmosphere, delicious drinks, nice service and terrific burgers await you at Dulf’s Burger. We went there for lunch and loved it. The quality of the ingredients and the coordination of the individual components in the burger is really great. A taste explosion as you can only imagine – after a few bites it can be almost too much. Still, super tasty and a big recommendation on our part.

Lunch at Dulf’s

It was time for a hearty lunch again and we were thinking juicy burgers. So we looked to see who could give Otto’s Burger a run for its money. 

The choice fell on Dulf’s Burger: Before our visit we took a look at the website, of course. There, the team of Dulf’s Burger writes about homemade sauces, meat from Schleswig-Holstein, which is processed into homemade burger patties and perfectly coordinated dishes. That sounded great and we wanted to see if it all tasted as good as it sounded.

On a Monday, we arrived at the branch at Gertigstraße 57 in Hamburg’s Winterhude at around 1:00 pm. The restaurant was quite empty at that time and we were able to choose a table after the waiter received us in a friendly manner. In the evening, however, this is not the case. The place is usually quite crowded and the team does not take reservations. That means, especially on weekends, you have to expect a bit of a wait.

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Dulf’s Atmosphere

The restaurant has a very special atmosphere that you can feel as soon as you enter. The place has an industrial look and there are many caricatures and drawings on the walls. Everything fits together and gives a cozy and at the same time hip ambience. Importantly, the restaurant seems to be pretty clean. The tables were crumb free and also the bar looked great. From one or the other position in the restaurant and from the outside you can catch a glimpse of the kitchen, of which we can also only say that everything looks clean and well organized

And directly to the next plus point: the service is really nice. On this day, the service consisted of an all-male team, all of whom were very friendly and accommodating. In addition, everything went super fast.

What does Dulf’s Burger Offer?

When we chose our table, the waiter brought the menu right away. This contains a selection of food and drinks that is neither too large nor too small for us. We would say that there is something for everyone in both categories. Of course, there are also vegan and vegetarian options on the menu. Here, we only have to note that the exchange from a meat burger patty to a Beyond Meat Burger Patty costs 3 €. We find that quite a lot and is, in our opinion, a bit inferior to the new “rule” from competitor Otto’s Burger

But okay. There is also a small selection for children and, as we already said, a pretty large selection of drinks, such as homemade lemonades, shakes and cocktails. If you want to assemble your burger completely yourself, that is no problem at all.

Here’s what we chose to drink that day:

  • Homemade passion fruit-apple-elderberry lemonade (lemon juice, apple juice, passion fruit syrup, elderberry syrup, topped up with soda) 4.20 €
  • Lemon basil lemonade (lemon juice, fresh basil, sugar syrup, topped up with soda) 4.20 €

The two drinks came super fast. As you can see from the pictures, they look relatively simple, but tasted all the better for it. They were not too sweet and had a super coordination of all components.

For Lunch we had…

  • Dulf’s Avocado Burger (Homemade beef patty from rotbunt heifer, fresh mini romaine lettuce, fresh tomatoes, cheddar cheese, homemade guacamole, Dulf’s Burger mayo) 11.20 €
  • Dulf’s Mushroom Burger (Homemade beef patty from rotbunt heifer, fresh mini romaine lettuce, sauteed mushrooms with onions & cheddar cheese, crème fraîche, Dulf’s Burger Mayo) 12 €
  • Steak Fries (Rough and misshapen cut, with skin and crispy coating) with truffle mayo 4 €

The burger can be ordered as a menu version, so you pay “only” the burger price + 7 € including side dish and drink. This allows you to save a little on the slightly higher prices. When ordering, you can choose between three different types of bread and the cooking level of the meat. I can say here in advance: The Ciabatta bread is an absolute recommendation, it tasted so good! When ordering the dip for the fries, we were unsure and the waiter gave us a recommendation for the truffle mayo, which we then accepted gladly.

And how does it Taste in the hip Burger Restaurant?

The food came super fast, we waited not even 10 minutes. Right away, we noticed how beautifully the burgers were arranged. They came on black slate plates that were warm to enjoy the burger even after a short while. The burgers were decorated with sauce and toppings on the outside.

Let’s start with the side dish: The fries were super tasty and together with the truffle mayo a real taste explosion. Talking about taste explosion: Both burgers were delicious and you could definitely taste the freshness and high quality of all the ingredients. The components of the burgers have a strong flavor, which almost felt like “too much” for us after three or four bites. Do not misunderstand, the burgers are super tasty, however, after a while you almost feel slammed, but still want to keep eating because it tastes so good.

All in all…

…Dulf’s Burger is a great place with super tasty burgers. The service is top notch and the atmosphere is very special. The burgers are a bit more expensive, but this is definitely appropriate for the quality of the ingredients. Only the price for the patty exchange to make the burger vegetarian or vegan, we do not like. So if you feel like a tasty, hearty and juicy burger with high quality ingredients, Dulf’s Burger is the place to be.

Overall Rating

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Want to enjoy those delicious burgers? Check out the menu of Dulf’s Burger here.

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