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Welcome to La Casita! This little house in the Karolinenviertel is a real insider tip for authentic Mexican cuisine in Hamburg. With its sweet atmosphere and delicious food, the restaurant offers an authentic culinary experience. Orders are placed through a small window, and the dishes are freshly prepared. The selection may not be huge, but everything the Mexican heart desires is there – from tacos to quesadillas to empanadas.

A Charming Little House in the Karolinenviertel

La Casita, as the name suggests, is a charming little house in the heart of the Karolinenviertel. Built of red bricks, it blends perfectly with the surrounding environment. Close to the Heiligengeistfeld, where the Hamburg Dom is held, it is a popular meeting place for those looking for authentic Mexican cuisine. The restaurant has no indoor area, only outdoor beer benches and tables. With graffiti and industrial design buildings around it, it has a unique atmosphere that immediately catches the eye.

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An Authentic Experience and Kind Service

At La Casita you can expect not only good food, but also a kind service. The staff is extremely friendly and makes you feel welcome. The kitchen speaks Spanish, which adds to the authentic atmosphere. Ordering is done through a small window, and while you wait, the dishes are freshly prepared. There is no menu, but a blackboard next to the little window where you can choose your dishes. The wait is usually about 10-15 minutes, but it is worth it!

Authentic Flavor and Delicious Combinations

We visited La Casita at lunchtime and ordered a selection of delicious dishes. The Empanada Pollo was a perfect starter – crispy tortilla filled with juicy chicken and spices. Also, we had vegetarian Quesadillas, where you can taste the freshness of the ingredients and especially the cheese had a great flavor of its own. The Quesadillas Suaderos were served with tender beef, spices and garnishes in soft tortillas – an absolute delight. The quesadillas were served with a dollop of guacamole and a few nachos on the side. The tacos, like the Taco Pollo, Taco Suadero, and Taco Carnitas, were packed with deliciously seasoned meats as well as vegetables, bringing a super authentic flavor. Every bite was a feast for the taste buds.

Our Order in a Nutshell

  • 1 Empanada Pollo (3.50 €)
  • 3 vegetarian Quesadillas (7.50 €)
  • 3 Quesadillas Suadero (10.50 €)
  • 1 Taco Pollo (3.50 €)
  • 1 Taco Suadero (3.50 €)
  • 1 Taco Carnitas (3.50 €)

Unique Atmosphere and Great Value for Money

La Casita may not offer luxurious surroundings, but the unique ambiance and taste of the dishes make it a super lunch spot, for example. Unfortunately, there are no reusable plates or cutlery, the restaurant keeps paper plates and wooden forks. This is a big negative point for us, as each guest produces quite a bit of trash as a result. What makes La Casita stand out, however, is the good price-performance ratio. For the quality offered, the prices are okay, plus it offers an authentic taste that transports you to the streets of Mexico.

A Huge Recommendation for all Lovers of Mexican Cuisine

In summary, La Casita is a real insider tip for anyone looking for authentic Mexican cuisine in Hamburg. The charming little house in the Karolinenviertel offers a unique atmosphere, super nice staff and a taste that will take you back to Mexico. Whether it is tacos, quesadillas or empanadas, you’ll find everything your Mexican heart desires here. The paper plates and wooden forks may be unusual, but the taste of the dishes is simply stunning. An absolute recommendation for all friends of Mexican cuisine!

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We made you hungry for the authentic Mexican Cuisine in Hamburg? Discover more about La Casita here.

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