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Under the “Sternbrücke” lies Saint Pablo’s Taco Shop in Hamburg, a trendy restaurant serving Mexican-inspired delicacies. This small eatery, decorated with graffiti, stickers and located under an S-Bahn bridge, brings the true street food flair from Reno, Nevada to Hamburg thanks to Chris, the passionate owner. His philosophy, “Inspired by Tradition. Not Traditional” is reflected in the changing, creative dishes like the quesadillas and burritos. It is a must for anyone looking for Mexican-inspired West Coast street food in Hamburg!

Under the Bridge & Above Expectations

Saint Pablo’s Taco Shop isn’t just a restaurant; it is a brightly painted work of art hidden under a bridge in a vibrant part of Hamburg. With its unusual location and exuberant vibe, it creates an atmosphere that captivates you long before you savor your first bite.

Tradition Reinterpreted

“Inspired by Tradition. Not Traditional” is the motto of this small eatery. Saint Pablo’s offers quesadillas and burritos in many varieties, including pulled pork and beef barbacoa. Some varieties change constantly, so you can always try something new. Fan of cilantro? Just order it with the meal. Not your thing? No problem, it is not on as standard.

Vegan, Vegetarian or Meaty After all?

No matter the dietary style, Saint Pablo adapts. From gluten-free to vegan options to meat-heavy delights, the menu has something for everyone. Special highlight? The Friday taco party, for which you can secure tickets in advance. We were there on a Sunday, but if the tacos are anywhere near as good as the rest, it is an absolute must!

Chris: The Heartbeat of Saint Pablo

With more than seven years of experience in the street food business, the founder, Chris from Reno, Nevada, brings not only culinary finesse, but also plenty of passion and good humor. It is hard not to notice that he is not only the heart, but also the soul of this place as he works his magic dancing and singing in his kitchen.

Taste That Convinces

The dishes? So delicious! Everything is fresh and prepared with love. Especially the burrito with potatoes has done it to us. A taste that you might not know yet, but definitely want to know more often! The possibility to customize one’s dish by adding or omitting ingredients shows how much the individual wishes of the guests are taken into account here. The prices are more than fair in view of the quality and quantity offered.

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Our Recommendations:

  • Burrito Pulled Pork: Wheat tortilla, bean puree, potatoes, cheese, roasted tomato sauce, guacamole, sour cream, onions and chili – a real taste experience! (11.50 €)
  • Quesadilla Beef Barbacoa: Wheat tortilla meets bean puree, cheese and three heavenly sauces (11.50 €)

A Taste Experience that Stays

The Pulled Pork Burrito was great. You felt like you were tasting a new ingredient with every bite. The pulled pork along with the bean puree, which adds an earthy depth to the whole thing, is just a perfect fit. But the real highlight are the unexpected potato chunks in the burrito. They add a nice texture and take the flavor composition on an unexpected journey. Together with the roasted-tomato sauce, the creamy guacamole, the cool contrast of the sour cream and the fiery heat of onions and chili, every bite becomes a culinary experience.

The Quesadilla Beef Barbacoa, on the other hand, offers a slightly different, but no less intense flavor. The tender beef, prepared slowly and carefully, virtually melts into the cheese on your tongue. Three different sauces on the side give you the opportunity to adjust the intensity and flavor to your liking. Each one highlights a different feature of the main dish, whether it’s the spiciness of the meat, the creaminess of the cheese, or the crunchy texture of the tortilla.

Bottom Line

If you’re in Hamburg and looking for a delicious lunch or dinner in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, Saint Pablo’s is the place to go. We will definitely be back!

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Want to learn more about Saint Pablo’s in Hamburg? Here you can see their menu!

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