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There is a small, special store near the Speicherstadt: Burrico. With a selection that may not be huge, but offers everything your heart desires, Burrico impresses with the option of putting together your own meal. The store is strongly reminiscent of the American chain “Chipotle”, but the concept works very well here too. Particularly practical: the calories for the individual dishes are listed on a large menu in the restaurant – a very American feature, but not a bad one.

Atmosphere & Concept

Burrico is ideally located near the Speicherstadt warehouse district and offers a modern atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating. The concept is simple and customer-friendly: you can choose between a burrito, bowl or salad and put together your own individual meal. There is a choice of two types of chicken (chipotle and lime), vegetarian and vegan options. All dishes cost less than €10, except for the vegan options, which cost €10.95. We think it’s a bit of a shame that the vegan option in particular is €1 more expensive.

Menu Highlights

Burrico scores with its fresh ingredients and the option to put together your own dish. Salad, cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo, white cabbage, salsa and various types of rice and beans are available at no extra charge. However, toppings such as guacamole (+€2.45) cost extra. If you’re not feeling too hungry, there’s a small burrito for €7.95. If you opt for a menu, you can get your burrito with a small bag of chips, a dip and a drink of your choice for €12.95.

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Taste & Quality

The chicken options, both chipotle and lime, are very tasty, even if the chipotle chicken is a little more intense. The cheese is melted with a gas flame, which is not to everyone’s taste. But it does add a very special flavor. All the dishes are a decent size and are definitely filling. One minus point was a piece of bone on the chicken that I found in my bowl. Of course, this shouldn’t happen and was hopefully an exception.

We liked it!

Despite some minor flaws, Burrico in Hamburg offers great value for money and tasty, fresh dishes. The variety of ingredients, the option to customize the dish and the large portion for under €10 make Burrico a highly recommended address in Hamburg.

Overall Rating

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