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Delicious Ramen in Hamburg Barmbek-Süd. The restaurant is at least at lunchtime pretty quiet but you have to expect a lot of waiting time. In return, the food tasted good to us. For some, the ramen soup may be a little too bland. However, I found it super, especially because of its natural taste. In our opinion, Supa Panda is definitely worth a visit!

The Small Asian Ramen Restaurant on the Corner

On a cold, rainy, blustery spring afternoon, we were craving the perfect meal to warm us up. Of course, we immediately thought of soup. We had heard of Super Panda before and thought this would be the perfect time to try the Ramen there.

So it was off to Weidestraße in Hamburg’s Barmbek-Süd district for us. The restaurant is quite inconspicuous and located on a corner, so you could easily overlook it. When we entered the restaurant on time for opening, another person was already sitting at a table. So we had pretty much a free choice of seats. The restaurant is generally a bit smaller, but in the summer tables are also offered on the cute terrace outside. For us, the small restaurant had no special flair, the interior was rather simple and as you might imagine in any smaller restaurant so. There was only a handful decorative elements that indicate that it is an Asian restaurant. Sitting a for a bit, only a few people decided to visit Supa Panda this day. The ambience was very quiet, soft music was playing and the guests were talking in a low tone.

Slightly Longer Waiting Times…

The owner seems to run the restaurant all by herself. At least that’s how it seemed that day. She took the orders, disappeared for some time in the kitchen and then brought us the food. She was super nice and even though it can get a little stressful for her alone with about 5 tables occupied, she remained very friendly and calm. That, as I mentioned, was the vibe in the small restaurant: quiet and calm. It seemed like the place had quite some take-out orders, which didn’t exactly lessen the workload for the owner.

Therefore, the waiting times were also a bit longer. After we were handed the menus, we waited about 10 minutes until we could order and then about 25 minutes for the food. While we were waiting, we also heard other guests who come here on their lunch break: “I completely forgot that it always takes so long here”. So apparently this is not an isolated case. So if you want to visit Supa Panda, you should bring a little time with you.

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Our Food

But let’s get to the most important part of the post. Our order that noon was:

  • Vegetarian Gyoza 5.80 €
  • Tan Tan Ramen (with minced meat and ramen noodles) 11 €
  • Shio Ramen (with chicken and udon noodles) 11 €

The prices for the Ramen are for the lunch offer. Normally the soups are around 13-15 €.

For the gyoza, you can choose between a vegetarian vegetable filling and a chicken filling. The Ramen is prepared with bok-choi, bell peppers, broccoli, corn, bean sprouts, snow peas, fried onions, leeks and half an egg. You have a choice of different types of noodles for your Ramen soup: classic Ramen noodles, rice ribbon noodles as well as udon noodles are offered. All noodles are vegan and some are gluten-free. You will find all the necessary information about ingredients and allergies on their menu. There are also several types of broth to choose from: meat broth, miso broth, curry broth and Szechuan broth. We think it’s great that you can customize your own Ramen soup a bit.


The appetizer came, as I said, after about 25 minutes. The four gyoza were nicely arranged and came warm to the table. However, they not only looked beautiful, but also tasted very delicious. There was a sauce drizzled on top of the small dumplings that accentuated the flavor of the filling even more. Really great and definitely satisfied our first appetite.


After a few minutes, our Ramen arrived. These are served in large black bowls. You get a spoon, knife and fork, as well as classic chopsticks and a large wooden spoon for the broth. The presentation is beautiful and very appetizing. Again, we found the taste to be super. The food tastes homemade and not artificial at all. For some, the soup may be too bland. This was the case for Adrian, for example. He seasoned his dish with a little soy sauce and other sauces that were provided on the table. For me, however, it was perfect – I really like it when dishes are not too overloaded. In general, the soup tasted very natural.


All in all, we liked it at Supa Panda. The restaurant is at least at lunchtime very quiet but you have to expect quite a lot of waiting time. However, the food tasted good. For some, the Ramen may lack flavor. The owner seems to run the restaurant alone and is really very friendly and eager. So it is worth paying a visit to Supa Panda and try their delicious Ramen in Hamburg!

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Here you can find the menu and order online at Supa Panda – the restaurant with delicious Ramen in Hamburg.

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