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The newly opened Italian restaurant Edmondo in Hamburg is something very special! For us, an honorable successor, which now makes the former cash hall of the Hypothekenbank Hamburg flourish. An insanely great atmosphere with unbelievably delicious food. You can expect beautiful looking and authentic Italian cuisine dishes and attention to detail throughout the restaurant. We can definitely recommend the Edmondo in Hamburg – but you should book in advance, only at lunchtime the chance is slightly higher to get a table without a reservation.

The Atmosphere of the Extraordinary Restaurant

Our reaction when entering the new scene restaurant in Hamburg? WOW! Edmondo opened its doors in Hamburg in April 2023. Many have long awaited the restaurant’s launch, as the French Big Mamma group behind the eatery already runs the popular restaurants, Coccodrillo in Berlin and Giorgia in Munich. These stores also have an unusual style, which is due to the fact that the group hires an in-house design team, Studio Kiki. The team makes the former cashier’s hall of Hypothekenbank Hamburg bloom in new colors.

We walked into the restaurant and were speechless. The high ceilings, velvet covered stools, chairs and even walls and the insane attention to detail. From the plates to the oil bottles and salt shakers, everything is thought out. Many decorative items and furniture pieces look like they came from an Italian antique flea market.

Beautiful and Fancy Dishes

But not only the design contributes to the great atmosphere in the restaurant. The staff is super nice and when you are shown to your table, you can already see beautiful looking dishes to your left and right, while you are greeted with “Buon Giorno” and “Welcome” from the service. Whether it’s huge plates, metal pans or whole Parmesan cheese, every dish at Edmondo is a real eye-catcher. The menu offers a wide selection of Italian dishes. 70% of the menu consists of vegetarian dishes, so a dream for vegetarians, but also vegans.

Is it Necessary to Make a Reservation at Edmondo? Yes!

We were there at lunchtime and luckily got a table without a reservation. This is quite likely, especially from about 14:00. However, if you want to visit Edmondo in the evening hours, a reservation is definitely recommended.
Our table was directly across from one of the two huge walls with countless bottles. As you can see from the pictures, these glow in a variety of colors and add to the ambiance of the restaurant. The menu including payment function can be found via a QR code on the table. However, this did not work too well during our stay, since we had the order of another table as a bill even after replacing the code.

After a bit of deliberation, we decided on:

The food took a little while, so I checked out the restrooms while we waited. These are a little hidden and very dark. Again, the design is stunning and fits perfectly with the restaurant. The entire restaurant is very clean and well maintained. We were a little disturbed by the very loud music, which is also present at lunchtime. For this time, we found the background noise exceptionally loud.

Truffle Pasta

After about 10 minutes, two waitresses came and set up a small table in front of us. On it was placed the cheese wheel with truffle pasta and two metal pans. Then the mafaldine were tossed in the cheese wheel and put into the pans. Here you can already see how creamy and rich the dish is. The pasta is homemade, like many dishes at Edmondo. In addition, the chefs mostly use ingredients directly from Italy. Everywhere at the tables, you can see how much love and effort goes into the preparation of the dishes. Our truffle pasta was also unique. Since I’m not really a huge truffle fan, I was a little afraid that it would taste too intense. However, that was not the case at all. The dish had the perfect balance between pasta, cheese, truffle and other spices. Nothing tasted too much and covered the taste of one of the components – on the contrary, it was perfectly matched.

Neapolitan pizza

When we started eating the pasta, the Neapolitan-style pizza also arrived shortly after. This one also looked great. It had a large fluffy edge with small burnt bubbles and a juicy center. With the knives that were provided, the pizza could be cut perfectly and enjoyed on small painted plates. Again, there was no ingredient that stood out, it was a perfect combination for an incredibly delicious pizza.

Can’t get enough Italian cuisine? Check out Farina di Nonna in Lange Reihe or Luigi’s close to the Hamburg Harbor!

Great Service with Slightly Longer Waiting Times

However, we must express a small criticism of the service. We felt super comfortable and everyone was very nice, but it took quite a long time until the service came to us. So it took about 15 minutes until our table was cleared after the meal and we could order something else. This was also true for paying. While we waited, we could hear the staff talking among themselves in either Italian or English. We find this super exciting and adds even more authenticity to the Italian restaurant. A waitress came up to us who didn’t seem to speak German at all and communicated with us in Italian and English. So, if you don’t speak German well, don’t be shy here. The waitresses and waiters are also happy to serve you in other languages – we think that’s great!

We Could not Miss THIS Dessert

At the end we had dessert. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try the dessert of such an excellent restaurant. So we decided for:

  • “The best chocolate Souffle ever” (For the chocolate lovers among us: Valrhona chocolate souffle with a chocolate ganache inside, sprinkled with fleur de sel. Served with homemade vanilla ice cream, to melt away…) 16 €
Edmondo Hamburg Schoko Souffle

That’s exactly what it says on the menu. Accordingly, our expectations as soufflé lovers were high. In addition to this chocolate dream, there are of course Italian classics such as tiramisu or delicious French profiteroles with pistachios.
The waitress told us in advance when ordering that the soufflé would take a little while. It took about 15 minutes to arrive at our table, but the wait was worth it! In front of us was a perfect looking soufflé with a separate bowl of vanilla ice cream. Honestly, when you see the picture, it makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? That’s how we felt, anyway.

Not only the look, but also the taste convinced us 100%. Hot, super chocolaty and yet soft. The consistency inside was creamy, almost liquid, and outside it had a fluffy edge. So when we ate it, it was the perfect spoonful of liquid chocolate center, fluffy chocolate edge and cooling vanilla ice cream. A real treat for chocolate fans!

Overall Rating

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You want to visit Edmondo in Hamburg yourself? Take a look at the menu here!

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