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The food at the vegan deli is great. The cat café in Hamburg near the Sternschanzenpark is something very special! We found it very nice there and can only recommend it to you. Especially if you want to switch off from your day to day life and watch some cats, this is a great place!

Katers Köök Katze auf dem Tisch

Where can I Find the Cat Café in Hamburg?

Directly opposite the Sternschanzenpark you will find the Katzencafé Katers Köök. Perfectly connected by subway, with the station “Schlump“, almost in front of the door, we had no problems to find the café. Katers Köök is the home for currently six sweet four-legged friends. Mellow, Liffey, Keshia, Rebel, Avicii and Newman were rescued from animal undignified situations in different countries. The team at the café now looks after the little furry noses and makes sure they are comfortable. For example, it is important to give the cats their space in the café and provide them with a place to retreat.

During our visit we met two of the six cats, Mellow and Keshia. The cats feel very comfortable there and seem relaxed. The waitresses and waiters take care that nobody disturbs the cats. In the café you can find toys, climbing possibilities and small caves for the cats everywhere. Everything seems very clean, but since the cats also jump on the table and make themselves comfortable there, you should not be afraid of them.

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The Choice in the Café

After we were allowed to choose a table, the nice waitress brought us the menu. This contains only vegan dishes and drinks. Katers Köök offers a varied cuisine with breakfast, pancakes, salads and various lunch dishes.

This noon we had:

  • Large bottle of water (5.50 €)
  • Elephant Bay Iced Tea Peach (3.50 €)

Both came very quickly to the table. To the bottles we got small sweet glasses. We could then also order our food and in the waiting time watch the cats of the café. All the cats were rescued from bad conditions in different countries, fostered by animal welfare organizations and placed in the cat café in Hamburg. For example, Keshia comes from Greece and Mellow from Ireland. You can get to know more about the cats in the back of the menu. If you would like to support the café and the cats, you can take out sponsorships in various forms. If you want to know more about it, click here.

Our Food

  • “Maultaschensalat” – fried Maultaschen, fried onions, pumpkin seeds, green salad, coleslaw & herb lemon dressing, served with homemade bread (12.90 €)
  • Katers Klub Sandwich – homemade bread, mayo, tomato, lettuce, veg bacon, keese, served with coleslaw (9.90 €)

After about 10-15 minutes we had our food in front of us. The dishes looked very appetizing. Even though the presentation was not particularly elaborate or fancy, we liked it. The homemade bread for the sandwich and as a side for the salad was great – an absolute recommendation. There was no component in the sandwich that was too much or too little. All in all, it was super coordinated. The substitutes for bacon and cheese were also great and added a great flavor to the sandwich.

Personally, I am not a fan of coleslaw, so it bothered me a little in the salad. Nevertheless, the dish tasted great. The hot Maultaschen on the cold salad were top! Again, nothing was lacking and nothing was too much on the plate. Especially the fried onions and the pumpkin seeds have rounded off the salad.

Conclusion about the cat café in Hamburg

We found the food at the vegan deli very tasty and can only recommend it to you. If you need a break from everyday life and want to watch a few cats, this is the right place. The café is very clean, but you should still not be afraid of cat hair, because the cats also like to lie on the tables.

Overall Rating

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You want to see the delicious food of the cat café in Hamburg? Check out the menu here!

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