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Mr. Dumpling Manti in Hamburg Ottensen combines modern furnishings in orange and black with traditional dumplings. Here you will find not only Turkish manti, but also Russian and Polish variants. You can get the dishes either steamed, boiled or deep-fried, and there’s a wide selection for gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan diets. Our order, manti and pelmeni, was very tasty, with the deep-fried pelmeni standing out. A recommended place for anyone looking to try something new.

A New Highlight in Ottensen

Mr. Dumpling Manti only opened this summer and is located at Ottenser Hauptstraße 34. The restaurant looks very inviting with its modern, bright atmosphere dominated by orange and black and a bright logo.

More than just Manti

The restaurant’s main focus is, of course, manti – stuffed dumplings found in many cultures. But at Mr. Dumpling Manti, it’s not just the Turkish delicacies. Russian and Polish dumplings, like the pelmeni and pierogi, also take their place on the menu. And if you’re not expecting Asian dumplings, you certainly won’t be disappointed here.

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Variations for every taste

One of the restaurant’s strengths is definitely its variety. Whether steamed, boiled, or deep-fried, you’ll find dumplings in all sorts of variations here. And that’s not all: gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options can also be found, which is particularly commendable. So the motto “from Istanbul to Ottensen/Hamburg” is reflected in a versatile menu that covers breakfast as well as lunch and dinner.

A Delight with Minor Weaknesses

Our order that day was

  • Boiled manti (wholemeal) with minced meat, yogurt, butter and paprika sauce (12.90 €)
  • Fried pelmeni with minced meat, yogurt, butter and paprika sauce (13.90 €)
  • Turkish tea (2.20 €)
  • Water (2.80 €)

Everything came after a wait of about 15-20 minutes. However, the waiting time is already predicted on the menu. While the manti scored with their soft consistency, they could have been more intense in taste. The pelmeni, on the other hand, were convincing all around – crispy on the outside and top-tasting. A special highlight was the yogurt and paprika sauce, which gave the dishes that certain something. With the drinks, we were served a small portion of pickles – a tasty addition to the main dishes.

Our Opinion

Despite minor criticisms, such as the not very enthusiastic service, “Mr. Dumpling Manti” offers a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. The prices may seem a bit high for some, but the quality and portion sizes justify them. All in all, worth a visit, especially if you’re looking for something new and appreciate the different food styles.

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You want to know more? Click here to get to the menu of Mr. Dumpling Manti in Hamburg, Ottensen.

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