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We visited “Zum Spätzle” for about the third time. The food at the schwäbisch’ eatery is simply amazing, never a disappointment. Everything is fresh and there are a lot of vegetarian and vegan choices. We love that they use a lot of organic and fresh components. Additionally, the personnel is simply lovely. You just have to make sure to reserve a table in time since it is a fairly small place and booked out quickly. We will come back for sure to most likely the best authentic German Spätzle restaurant in Hamburg!

Always a Great Choice for Great Hunger

It started with an exhausting Saturday: Finishing up some household work and doing some grocery shopping. And only when you are done, you realize how truly hungry you are. So, it was about 3 p.m. and Adrian and I felt the need for something delicious. It took us not too long until we came to the conclusion that it had to be Zum Spätzle.

Zum Spätzle is a super cute little place in the middle of Hamburg. The owner herself grew up on an Upper Swabian farm and is therefore very keen to maintain its traditions. She takes great care to know where the ingredients for her restaurant come from.

All the components of the dishes are carefully selected. For example, the eggs are from a farm with free-range chickens, the meat is from a family business with large pastures. The Emmentaler cheese comes from a small dairy in the Allgäu, which is even supplied with organic milk by her own relatives.
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Zum Spätzle Interior

First Impression

So, we had a huge appetite and called the restaurant. For lunch/late lunch, they usually have some seats available. We went there for like the third time and I can say it already: The food here is simply amazing, it is never a disappointment. You open the door and the smell of freshly cooked Spätzle and awesome sauce comes into your nose. The place is quite small but therefore all the more cozy and cute. It truly feels like an authentic swäbisch’ place when you sit down on the wooden benches/chairs and you see the cute pillows and decorations that let you feel like you are sitting at your German grandma’s house. This is by the way exactly how their food tastes – homey.

Our Choice

Since they prepare everything fresh, the menu at Zum Spätzle is not too lavish. Nevertheless, there are dishes for vegetarians and vegans as well as for meat lovers.

This day, we decided for

  • Cheese Spätzle with meatloaf and sauce and a small salad (19.40 €) for Adrian
  • Cheese Spätzle with sauce and a small salad (13.40 €) for me

The waiters and waitresses are very nice and the service is super quick. After we ordered, it took them about 5-10 minutes until we had both food and drinks. Our beverages were a Cappuccino (2.80€) and an Earl Grey Tea (2.60€).

Zum Spätzle Food

How do These Little Dough Worms Taste?

Throughout the restaurant, when the food comes, people only have one reaction: WOW! The plates on which the food is served complete the style of the restaurant perfectly. They are made in an older design with sweet flourishes and engravings. And then the food: You see a huge portion of delicious Spätzle with plenty of cheese and a tasty side salad in front of you. And also the smell of the fresh dough Spätzle and the juicy sauce is unique. Many restaurant visitors cannot eat the whole portion. For this, the team of Zum Spätzle has paper boxes ready to take away.

We have to mention that the price per meal ranges between 10-20€ and that can be seen as quite expensive for Spätzle. But therefore you get a really great amount of food with extraordinary quality.

Worth a Visit?

To conclude this review, we can only say: This is the most likely the best and most authentic German Spätzle restaurant here in Hamburg. We can only warmly recommend it. Everything is just right here: From the coziness of the location over the quality, taste and presentation of the food to the lovely service! In case you want to enjoy your traditional swäbisch’ food for dinner, you might want to reserve a table upfront. 

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Overall Rating

Food Taste
Food Quality
Service Speed
Personnel Friendliness
Value for Money

If you want to check out the menu of this great restaurant for Spätzle in Hamburg, click here.

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