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Mit Herz & Zucker is worth a visit if you can tame your morning hunger in the waiting line. The cute café offers delicious breakfast in Hamburg with a cozy atmosphere. The quality and taste of the food is really good! The price of a breakfast dish is quite average (if you do not want any extras). Also, they have many vegetarian options and they can change up almost all dishes so that they are vegan. In case you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the waiting line in the morning, the take-away breakfast box option can be a good alternative.

Mit Herz & Zucker and Waiting Time

The team of “Mit Herz & Zucker” runs two cafés in Hamburg. On a quite cold summer day, we visited their subsidiary in Lübecker Straße. Here, you have the choice to enjoy a freshly brewed sustainable coffee on cute outside tables or you go inside and sit down comfortably and warm. HOWEVER… This place is very crowded almost every day. Since they are not taking reservations, you will need to bring like 10 – 45 minutes of waiting time to be seated. And then the location: It is fairly easy to reach the place by U-Bahn since the station “Lübecker Straße” is just about a minute of walking distance away. However, the big street right next to the restaurant leaves an unpleasant background noise when sitting outside or while waiting.

How to get in

So, we were standing in line on a windy and cold summer day wanting nutritious breakfast in their warm and cozy inside space. The waiters come to you and ask you for how many people you need a table and whether you prefer to be inside or outside. If you want to sit inside on a day like this, you will have to wait a bit longer, since it is a lot of peoples’ preference. This is also true if you go there with a group of people that is larger than two persons. As the restaurant is quite small, the amount of big tables is limited. Still, the staff tries to make everything possible. Even though they seemed to be a bit stressed out, everyone was really friendly and helpful. Once the waiter leads you to your seat, past a large counter with incredibly pretty cakes and pastries, you can sit quite comfortably on fluffy cushions.

What we Ordered 

The menu is very compact, but it meets all tastes. Moreover, they have many vegetarian options and they can change up almost all dishes so that they are vegan. So, we ordered:

  • Can of Earl Gray tea
  • Decaf cappuccino
  • Avocado breakfast 8.50€ (toasted country bread with avocado, pomegranate, sprouts & sesame seeds, served with a blob of beet hummus, extra egg (2.50€))
  • Scrambled eggs on toasted country bread 8.80€ (with homemade red pesto, chives & seeds with extra bacon (2€), extra feta cheese (1.50€) and extra avocado (2€))

The extras for the different meals range between 1.50€ and 3.00€. This can be considered quite expensive, especially if you put it in relation to the quantity that you see on your plate. However, to be fair, the quality of the food is absolutely on point. 

Mit Herz und Zucker Avocado Bread

Carefully Selected Ingredients

Mit Herz & Zucker uses milk from a selected farm in Hamburg. The coffee comes from a fair-trade coffee shop called “Playground Coffee” in Hamburg. Also their grains are sourced from the Demeter farm in Schleswig-Holstein. The team prepares all of their cakes and other baked goods in their in-house bakery. If you want to enjoy their quality food but do not wish to wait in front of the restaurant, they also offer a pick-up service of breakfast boxes. Those should be ordered as far in advance as possible since they can only produce them in limited quantities. 

But how did it Taste? 

Back to our table: Our drinks came after about 5 minutes and were delicious. You could definitely taste the quality of the coffee. Also, the can of tea had exactly the right amount of fresh loose tea inside. 

The food came after approximately 20 minutes. As you can see in the pictures, the plates looked fabulous. Bright colors of all ingredients and the smell was mouth-watering. The avocado was juicy and fresh, the bread baked exactly to the right point so it soaked up the liquids but didn’t get too soggy. 

Mit Herz und Zucker Egg Bread

Mit Herz & Zucker is worth a visit if you are not too many people and you can tame your morning hunger in the line. The food, drinks and service are really good. And if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle, the take-away breakfast box option is a good alternative. We personally have not tried it yet, but it is definitely on our to-try-next list. In general, this will not have been the last time that we enjoyed the delicious breakfast at Mit Herz & Zucker in Hamburg.

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If you want to check out the menu of Mit Herz & Zucker with delicious breakfast in Hamburg, click here.

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