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“Prinzessin Eisbär” is a cute ice cream place with soft ice cream in Hamburg Winterhude, which delights with its pastel-colored interior and irresistible smell of freshly baked waffles. Whether you’re a fan of classic chocolate ice cream or vegan options, you’ll find it all here. The ice cream store offers a huge selection of toppings and sauces that will turn your ice cream into a work of art. Our conclusion: a must for any ice cream lover in Hamburg. Be aware: Cash payment only.

First Impression

Even before entering the small ice cream place, you can find the first sweet surprise, if you are lucky. Because often Mochi, the white, fluffy dog, lies in front of the door. By the way, she is also the name giver for the ice cream shop. The pastel-colored ambience, the fresh flowers and the irresistible smell of freshly baked waffles are immediately enchanting. When Mochi is outside the door, you will probably also find Toro, the store’s other four-legged friend, relaxing in the corner and watching what the visitors are ordering.

Toppings & Sauces: Endless Combination Possibilities

What makes the ice cream shop particularly unique is the huge range of soft ice cream varieties, toppings and sauces. From classic chocolate and vanilla to vegan options like salted caramel and oat milk vanilla, there’s something here for everyone. When it comes to toppings, no wish is left unfulfilled either. From sweet fruits like raspberries and strawberries to chocolate shavings to savory pretzels and even homemade brownies, the selection is impressive. Sauce options range from Nutella and chocolate to caramel and raspberry. So you can put together your own soft ice cream just the way you like it.

How Does it Work?

Prinzessin Eisbär offers a Bubble Waffle with soft ice cream, a sauce and two toppings as an offer. This is priced at 8.40 €. But there are also “normal” cups with soft ice cream in three different sizes. The smallest size is already available for 3.20 € and the largest cup is available for 5.20 €. With the cups, you can also get offers, which contain toppings and sauces. For those who like it a little extra, you should opt for “Mochis cloud”, a soft ice with large candy floss outside around. For 7.90 €, the cloud comes with ice cream, sauce, sprinkles and toppings.

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Our Taste Experience

We opted for a Bubble Waffle with chocolate ice cream, Kitkat, Oreo and caramel as well as chocolate sauce. Every bite was an experience. The waffle was perfectly baked and the ice cream was super creamy. The caramel and chocolate sauce were a perfect fit and the toppings rounded it all out.

For the second test, we chose an ice cream cup with chocolate-vanilla ice cream, strawberries, homemade brownies, chocolate shavings, and raspberry sauce. The strawberries added a fruity freshness, while the brownies and chocolate shavings provided a crunchy texture.

Service & Payment

We felt very comfortable during the whole time. The small store offers nice seating inside and outside. Inside, there is even a small room where you can eat your ice cream in peace. The service is super warm, just like the owner, who served us with a smile at all times.
Important: The ice cream shop only accepts cash. No card payment. Also, you should be quick now, the ice cream store closes at the beginning of October and goes on winter break. In March 2024, you can enjoy delicious soft ice cream in Hamburg at Prinzessin Eisbär again.


“Prinzessin Eisbär” is a super cute ice cream shop, with a huge selection of ice cream flavors, toppings and sauces. You feel right at home and the owner is super nice. Especially if you like dogs, the ice cream shop is an absolute must. We can highly recommend the store and will certainly come back!

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Want to see what the delicious soft ice cream creations from Prinzessin Eisbär in Hamburg look like? Check them out Instagram!

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