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VLET Kitchen & Bar on Hamburg’s Jungfernstieg offers a unique combination of beautiful design and delicious cuisine. Located directly on the small Alster lake, you can enjoy not only the delicious dishes, but also a breathtaking view of the city hall. With offerings ranging from breakfast to dinner, reservations are recommended, especially due to high demand. We can definitely recommend VLET Kitchen & Bar!

NEWS: Unfortunately, VLET Kitchen & Bar no longer exists on the Kleine Alster.

Unique Location and Breathtaking View

Nestled directly on the famous Jungfernstieg, the VLET Kitchen & Bar offers not only culinary highlights, but also an unbeatable view of the small Alster and the City Hall. In sunny weather, you can sit outside and enjoy the picturesque surroundings to the fullest.

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Maritime Flair with a Touch of Luxury

The restaurant presents itself with a modern maritime design: dark blue accents, golden highlights and stylishly placed decorations give the ambience a great touch. The fireplace in the center of the restaurant invites you to spend some cozy hours, while the large window fronts offer a panoramic view.

The Food

When we sat down and ordered, a small bread basket arrived along with two dips. The truffle dip stood out especially and was super aromatic. For the main course, we opted for:

  • Pasture veal Schnitzel in crispy breading, lemon, cold stirred cranberries, grandma’s cucumber salad and fried potatoes (32.50 €)
  • Fillet of beef with truffle gratin, sautéed Thai green asparagus and Café de Paris butter (39.50 €)

With our main dishes, the veal Schnitzel and the beef fillet, you could especially taste the freshness and high quality of the ingredients. While the Schnitzel could still use a little seasoning, the fillet was an absolute highlight. Nevertheless, the Schnitzel was very tasty and tender. The lack of seasoning could be compensated for a bit with the lemon. The cucumber salad with the Schnitzel, however, was great and a little highlight. In a cute pan, fried potatoes were also served. These were crispy and had a great flavor thanks to the bacon and onions!
The fillet with all its accompaniments was insane – tender meat, cooked to perfection. The side dish, the truffle gratin, was not too truffle-y and tasted really great.

Our Dessert

While we were eating, the restaurant filled up more and more. So it also took a little longer until our plates were cleared, and we could order our dessert.

Those who have been following us for a while know that we can’t go past a chocolate cake on the menu. So we ordered the Chocolate Lava Cake ‘Kiba Style’. Kiba Style because the cake is served with a cherry sauce and some sort of banana cream. For us, the cherry sauce was a little too strong, so the chocolate flavor of the Lava Cake didn’t come out that much. However, we found the banana cream fascinating and it went very well with it.

Small Drop of Bitterness

One drawback of our visit was the somewhat longer wait, especially after the restaurant became more crowded. Unfortunately, clearing the dessert and paying again took quite a long time. While the service was professional, a little more happiness would have rounded out the experience.

Bottom Line

For all those who value ambience and a view in addition to delicious food, the VLET Kitchen & Bar at the Jungfernstieg is a clear recommendation. Despite minor weaknesses in the service, the visit remains a great experience.

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