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We fell in love! Cyn Cyn in Hamburg Eimsbüttel offers homemade, fresh ingredients and exceptional dishes! You can watch the impressive preparation of the handpulled noodles through the open kitchen, which is one of the highlights of this small restaurant for us. The biggest highlight, however, is the taste of the food. In this food heaven, we tried three different dishes and loved them. You should definitely check out Cyn Cyn in Hamburg!

New Opening in Hamburg Eimsbüttel

We fell in love with a new restaurant in the heart of Eimsbüttel! At Eppendorfer Weg 62, you can now get handpulled Asian-style Biang Biang noodles! You’ve never heard that you can pull noodles? Then you absolutely have to experience it there. The dough is freshly made. When an order comes in, the dough is then placed onto the kitchen counter and pulled into strings of about 50 cm. This means you have about 4 large noodles on your plate per dish, which is more than enough to fill you up.
We filmed the preparation for you, check it out on our Instagram!

Welcome to Cyn Cyn in Hamburg

The ambience of the restaurant is also very special! Everything is well-thought-out. The restaurant is decorated in a shade of red and has many details that give the whole place a cozy atmosphere. When you enter the restaurant down a few steps, you can look directly into the kitchen where the Asian dishes are prepared. Next to it, you will find some seating, plants and illuminated lettering on the walls. There is also a small outdoor area. The ceiling looks like a deformed mirror and with the white stripes on the wall, it looks like noodles cooking in water – how cool is that?

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The Starters Already Convinced us

We had a still water (2.50 €), a Fritz Kola (2.90 €) and a Fritz Orange (2.90 €) to drink. The drinks arrived super quickly. In general, the service was very fast and super friendly. The waiters and cooks in the kitchen were very nice and always had a smile on their faces.

Of course, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try a few of the starters and sides:

  • Goldy Cube – Silken tofu, homemade DRYP DRYP chili oil, sesame oil and rice vinegar, garnished with spring onions (6.90 €)
  • Smacyn Cucumber – pickled cucumber salad, DRYP DRYP chili oil (4.90 €)
  • Kimcyn – Pickled Chinese cabbage, apple, pear, carrot, radish, DRYP DRYP chili oil (4.90 €)

I can already say that all three small dishes were incredibly tasty. I was particularly impressed by the silken tofu. The sauce gave the tofu an amazing taste. The pickled cucumber salad was also a little highlight.

Main Courses

Of course, we couldn’t leave it at that, so we tried the following dishes for the main course:

  • Vegy – Handpulled noodles, pak choi, cabbage, ginger, fried eggplant & tofu stew, enoki mushrooms, DRYP DRYP chili oil (13,90 €)
  • Myx Myx – Handpulled noodles, garlic, pak choi, cabbage, ginger, minced beef & lamb stew, DRYP DRYP chili oil (14,90 €)
  • Hot Chyk – Handpulled noodles, pak choi, cabbage, ginger, marinated plucked chicken, DRYP DRYP chili oil (14,50 €)

We were absolutely blown away! All three dishes had similar ingredients and of course all had the handpulled noodles, but still all the plates tasted different. The noodles were perfectly cooked, and you could taste that they were homemade. The so-called DRYP DRYP chili oil was also delicious and is by the way homemade as well! The only thing I have to say is that the chili oil contains hard ingredients that give you a weird feeling in your mouth. Still, the effort and work that goes into the dishes is impressive and definitely pays off. The dishes can be ordered in three different levels of spiciness, so everyone gets their money’s worth.

Tip: You should eat the pasta quickly when it arrives. Because if they get a little cold, they stick together – however, that doesn’t change the taste.

We combined the sides and the starter with the main courses, which we can really recommend. Especially the sauce of the silken tofu together with the noodles was an absolute dream. The vegetables in all three dishes were perfectly cooked and tasted fresh.

Warmest Recommendation!

For us, our visit to Cyn Cyn was an absolute taste experience, and we will definitely be back. We can only warmly recommend the restaurant. From the service to the waiting time and of course the taste, everything was really great for us! You should go and experience the handpulled noodles in Hamburg at Cyn Cyn yourself!

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Have we made you curious? Then take a look at the Instagram profile of Cyn Cyn in Hamburg here!

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