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Asian Fusion in Hamburg! Shiso Burger ist located in the heart of Hamburg and gives the classic Burger an Asian twist when, for example, serving them with delicious Edamame. The location is pretty cool and it gives you a good mixture of Asian and American vibes. Nonetheless, we did not find it very comfortable to sit. The food is very delicious and fresh and the waiting time is also not long. However, on our visit, we experienced very bad service and unfriendly personnel. All in all, because of the food’s taste and quality, Shiso Burger is worth a visit – maybe you will be luckier than us with the service that day.

Asian Fusion in Hamburg 

If you hear of an Asian restaurant, you wouldn’t think of burgers, right? You wouldn’t think it makes sense to combine juicy burgers with classic Asian Kimchi? Shiso Burger does exactly that and it works!

The Asian eatery has several franchises in Berlin, Paris, Lisbon, Geneva, etc. On a Monday evening, we visited the one in Hamburg. The restaurant is located in a side street and is therefore not very easy to find. But once you find it, you will be overwhelmed by an extraordinary looking hip location. The restaurant is often quite crowded, also on this Monday evening. So we stood at the counter and waited for someone to notice us. The waitress came after 1-2 minutes and said that they currently have no table available and whether we would like to sit with other guests. Since we take a lot of pictures for our posts and some people may find that unusual, we decided against it and wanted to wait for the next available table. The waitress didn’t seem to like our decision and reacted with an unfriendly look.
Well, we got our own table after about 5-10 minutes of waiting. I must say that the restaurant feels a little uncomfortable. You sit on small wooden benches without cushions and everything doesn’t seem quite as clean as perhaps it should be. 

Specials of the Restaurant

Still, the look of the place is pretty cool! It is a little dark and the decoration is perfectly matched to the theme “Asian Fusion”. You can admire cool lighting elements and an interesting ceiling decoration. Also this restaurant has an open kitchen concept, so from some tables you can watch the cooks preparing the meal. 

The menu does not offer a great amount of choices, but very unusual dishes such as a burger with thinly sliced beef or fish burgers. Additionally, as a side dish, not only classic fries or sweet potato fries are offered, but also edamame or kimchi. We further found two vegetarian burgers and if you do not feel like a juicy burger at all, you can choose between four different salads. You might be able to order them vegan, because unfortunately there is no other vegan option on the menu.

Our Order

We decided on this day for:

  • Ebi Burger (Crispy fried prawn patty, lettuce, tomato, red onions, ginger honey mustard sauce and chili mayo) 9.80€
  • Cheeseburger (Angus beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, pickle, red onions, mayo and ketchup) 9€ – I was able to order it without pickles and onions
  • Edamame 5.20€
  • Homemade Fries 4.20€
Shiso Burger with Edamame

And to drink we had an Earl Grey tea and a lemonade. Unfortunately, even while taking the order, the waitress was very demotivated and couldn’t even smile a little. This behavior along with the look she gave us at the beginning made us feel a little unwelcome and uncomfortable. Very unfortunate!

But okay, the drinks came after about 10 minutes and were quite tasty. The tea is served in a glass and so that you don’t burn your fingers, a felt band is wrapped around it. In my opinion, this is a bit unhygienic, as the fabric is very close to the edge of the glass and is probably difficult to clean.

Shiso Burger Food

Food is here!

The food is eye-catching – it comes in traditional Asian dumpling baskets. Burgers, fries and edamame arrive fresh and warm. However, I saw through the open kitchen that the edamame had been reheated in a microwave and therefore tasted a bit drier than usual. Whether they always do it that way or the edamame were simply prepared too early and therefore had to be reheated, we unfortunately do not know. 

However, the burgers are all the tastier for it! For both burgers, the Prawn Burger and the “normal” Cheeseburger, you can taste the freshness of the ingredients and the exact coordination of the individual components. The fries are also worth a mention because, as described on the menu, they actually taste like they are homemade and have good seasoning

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When it comes to presentation, however, there is again one criticism from us: As nice as the dumpling baskets look, we think they can also be unhygienic. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly how the baskets are cleaned, but looking under the burger and side dishes, we were able to spot a stain or two from previous uses. Shiso Burger seems to be aware of this, since they pack a layer of coated paper between the basket and the food, which also makes it better for us.

The Whole Tray of Drinks fell

While we were enjoying our burgers, a small incident occurred. A waitress was coming out of the kitchen with a full tray of drinks, when at that exact moment her colleague raced around the corner and quickly wanted to get to the kitchen. The two collided and the tray fell to the floor along with the drinks. It came to a small “discussion” between the waitresses and since then they threw only angry glances at each other. Maybe the staff just had a bad day – but we can’t say anything good about it.

Overall Rating

Food Taste
Food Quality
Service Speed
Personnel Friendliness
Value for Money

If you want to learn more about Asian Fusion in Hamburg, click here to see the menu of Shiso Burger.

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