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Die Taverne in Hamburg-Eilbek offers delicious Greek specialties. The ambience of the Greek restaurant in Hamburg resembles a “Stammtisch-Lokal”, we felt very comfortable. Some components in our dishes had a little room for improvement, but it still tasted good to us. We recommend the gyros and as a side dish the tomato rice!

Greece Vacation Feeling in Hamburg?

Greek cuisine is known for its aromatic spices, delicious olive oil and juicy garlic. The dishes are often accompanied by a good glass of wine. We wondered if you could get that vacation feeling in Hamburg, too. So we headed to die Taverne in Hamburg-Eilbek. The Greek restaurant in Hamburg is located in Wandsbeker Chaussee and is easy to reach by subway.

Die Taverne Inneneinrichtung

For us, die Taverne has a very special “regulars’ place charm”. We arrived there for an early dinner at about 5pm. A few tables were already occupied or reserved. At one table sat a small group that must visit there often. They were on first-name terms with the service and ordered “the usual”. Even though we have never been there, we felt comfortable in the restaurant.

Everything seems very clean and the large windows flood the rather darkly decorated restaurant with light. We personally didn’t get the “Greece vacation feeling” but still found the restaurant quite nice. Especially in the summer, you can enjoy your Greek dishes on the beautiful outdoor terrace. The only “problem” here is only the large intersection right next door, which can disturb a bit while eating or also provides some entertainment.

Nice Welcome at the Greek Restaurant in Hamburg

After we were allowed to choose a table, we each got a glass of ouzo and bread with a garlic cream as a welcome. We thought that was great!
The bread smelled fantastic, taste-wise it was okay. The garlic cream that was served with it wasn’t the best we’ve ever had, but all in all it was also okay.
The staff was super nice. While we were perusing the menu, the waitress came over with a large, written board to introduce us to the dishes of the day. These were very fish heavy. In general, fish lovers get their money’s worth here. The menu offers cold and hot appetizers as well as Greek meat classics from the grill. Unfortunately, there is not a large selection of vegetarian dishes.

Our Order

  • Large bottle of still water (5.90 €)
  • Kotosouvlaki – two chicken skewers with salad and tomato rice (14.90 €)
  • Gyros and souvlaki with salad, tzatziki and fries (14.90 €)

With most dishes, you can choose either fries or rice. However, die Taverne also offers other side dishes, such as vegetables and rosemary potatoes.
The appetizer salad consisted of coleslaw and a small, crusty slice of bread. Since I’m not a big fan of coleslaw, I didn’t like it too much. Adrian, on the other hand, thought it was quite good. The main dishes came relatively quickly, after about 10 minutes we had our gyros and chicken skewers in front of us.

How Does it taste in die Taverne?

Both dishes were decorated with small thyme bushes and looked very appetizing. Since I usually love the tomato rice in Greek restaurants, I went straight for it and was not disappointed. The rice was very tasty and juicy. I could have easily eaten a second portion of it. Adrian’s fries were also very tasty.
But let’s get to the meat. Unfortunately, the chicken skewers did not taste as good as they looked. The meat was a bit dry, but you could combine it well with the tzatziki. The sauce was much better than the garlic dip that came with the bread to begin with. Adrian’s meat unfortunately had a similar problem, this meat was also very dry. Only here, the tzatziki couldn’t help much either. The gyros on the other hand was really very very tasty. It was juicy and seasoned great. In general, the portion sizes were super for us and the price-performance ratio okay.

Not Without a Chocolate Dessert

Throughout our stay, the staff was very friendly. Although the restaurant gradually filled up more and more, the volume in the restaurant remained pleasant. We then decided to round off the evening with the chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream (6.90 €). The ones who follow us for a bit, know how much we love chocolate soufflés.

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The small chocolate tartlet came very hot to the table. As you can see in the picture, it also looked really great. The small bowl with the vanilla ice cream was “glued” with honey to the plate, so it did not slip around. Unfortunately, the core of the soufflé was not liquid, but it still tasted very good. Especially together with the cold vanilla ice cream and cream an absolute pleasure and a great finish for the evening.

Overall Rating

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Greek restaurant in Hamburg – Click here for menu!

Die Taverne – Wandsbeker Chaussee 47, 22089 Hamburg

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