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Farina di Nonna has the perfect balance between a restaurant with Italian food and a bar. The ambience in this place is definitely a very special one. The service is great – super friendly, attentive and accommodating. There was even a welcome drink and a farewell drink on the house! All in all, a very hip Italian restaurant with a new branch on the Lange Reihe that you’re welcome to check out.

Crowded, but stylish and hip

On a Friday night, we went to the restaurant in Lange Reihe, of course in Hamburg. The four of us, we were looking for a good dinner and saw the newly opened Farina di Nonna. Already from the outside it stands out with the somewhat noble facade. A small queue has already formed in front of the store and through the large window panes you could see the hustle and bustle inside. The restaurant was completely full, but we still got a table after about 10 minutes of waiting.

Farina Di Nonna Getränke

The first thing I have to say is that it was pretty loud. Since the place was super crowded and it is a mix of bar and restaurant, you have a lot of hustle and bustle there and a high noise level. Though the restaurant is quite big, so you hardly feel disturbed at the table. 

The classy design from the outside also carries through to the inside. Here, huge lamps hang above the tables, which give the restaurant a great touch with their silver/gray design. The bar also looks very nice! 

The service was insane. All the waitresses and waiters were super nice and accommodating. The staff seemed a little stressed, but that is understandable with such a busy restaurant. Nevertheless, they took time for each table. However, the stress of the waiters also contributed a little to the whole “hustle and bustle” feeling.

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The Welcoming

To welcome us, we got a small drink: Three Royal Angels (liqueur 43, rhubarb juice and prosecco) for us girls and one small beer for Adrian. Super tasty and a nice start to a good dinner. Although the restaurant was very crowded, the staff was super fast and as I said, remained friendly at all times. So we were able to order our drinks quickly: 

  • Prosecco 
  • Bottle of water

The menu at Farina di Nonna leaves nothing to be desired. There is a wide selection of homemade pizzas, delicious pasta and even dishes for children. Vegetarians and vegans also get their money’s worth. Our decision fell on: 

  • Salad Mista (8.90 €)
  • Spaghetti Carbonara (13.40 €)
  • Pizza with spicy salsiccia (13.30 €)
  • Spaghetti Aglio Olio without garlic, with chicken (16.30 €)
Farina Di Nonna Menu

I must admit that we had some extra requests, but they were not a problem for the Farina di Nonna team. For example, I ordered my salad with the dressing on the side. Adrian wanted spicy salami instead of regular one and our friend had probably the most unusual request for the spaghetti aglio olio without garlic. 

How did it taste?

In general, the portions were very small, except for the pizza. Especially the salad was rather something for small appetite. For the small portion sizes, I must say that the prices were not particularly low. Nevertheless, everything tasted very good to us. The salad was fresh and deliciously prepared. The pizza was crispy and actually tasted like homemade and also the spaghetti aglio olio were perfectly al dente and delicious. Only the carbonara was nothing special, it tasted good, but unfortunately not more.

After paying, we got another drink of our choice on the house. So we got both a welcome drink and an aperitif, you definitely don’t get that everywhere.

Conclusion: Italian Food and Bar

All in all, Farina di Nonna can be recommended. However, you should not expect a small cozy restaurant or arrive there already with a headache. The restaurant is very popular and gets quite crowded, especially in the evenings. However, the beautiful design, insanely good service and average to good food will let you spend a nice evening there.

Overall Rating

Food Taste
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Service Speed
Personnel Friendliness
Value for Money

Italian Food and Bar in Hamburg: Here you can get to the menu of Farina di Nonna.

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