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Fish fans watch out! We have an “Imbiss” for your fish bun in Hamburg! “If you are ever in Hamburg, you have to eat fish” – that is the motto of many visitors. At Fisch & So you can get fresh fish, crabs and other seafood made to your liking. The dishes are freshly prepared and taste great – super tasty and definitely recommendable!

Imbiss atmosphere” at Fisch & So

Near the Hamburg fish market, you can find a tiny snack restaurant (German: Imbiss) called Fisch & So. Directly on the Elbe, but somewhat inconspicuous, you will see a small store with many different fish specialties. Immediately upon entering the Imbiss, you notice that there is no strong smell of fish, which speaks for the freshness of the products. The look of the place is industrial and does not invite for a long and comfortable stay. However, it is not supposed to. The snack bar gets its charm from the nice staff and the atmosphere created by the decoration.

The interior is very plain and simple. The beer benches and tables have been given the blue and white design of the snack bar, but also do not invite you to linger. In the summer, there is an outdoor area where you can enjoy your fish speciality in the sun on the Elbe. The staff is also “only” responsible for preparing the food. At Fisch & So there is self-service.
So you come in, choose your fish dish at the counter and can say exactly how you would like it prepared. The team also offers various side dishes such as potato pancakes, fried potatoes, bread and many more.

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Our order and taste test

We ordered North Sea crabs in a bun with remoulade sauce (12.50 €) and a baked fish bun (8.50 €).

North Sea crabs in a bun

With the fish dishes you can choose different sauces. There are all types of sauces which go well with different kinds of fish: cocktail sauce, honey mustard sauce, remoulade sauce and garlic sauce.

Both dishes were a delight. You can definitely taste the freshness of the fish. The buns are nothing special, but that does not bother at all, since the fish is supposed to be the star of the snack. Also, the presentation, as you can easily see in the pictures, is not the prettiest. But Fisch & So does not have this claim at all. The team convinces with qualitative fish dishes and a classic Hamburg Imbiss flair.

North Sea crabs with remoulade sauce

A snack for everyone

We ended up sitting there for about 30 minutes and I found it incredibly exciting to observe how many different types of people come to this store. From classic tourists to Gucci-wearing gentlemen to long-established Hamburgers – Fisch & So appeals to a wide range of different people with its various dishes. Plus, it wasn’t a small crowd either, we were there on a Saturday lunchtime and the place was packed for the duration of our stay and had a small queue.

Baked fish bun (Half of the baked fish)


So if you are coming to Hamburg or you are already here and still looking for a good snack for the classic Hamburg fish bun, we have an address for you! At Fisch & So you get a really large selection of fish specialties, sauces and side dishes. So you can put together your meal just the way you like it!

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Check out the Facebook profile of Fisch & So for more information here.

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