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Are you looking for a great place for your next anniversary, birthday or other occasions? We have a tip for you: THEO’s Steakhouse in Hamburg! There, you can find selected meat from USA, Ireland and Germany, which is perfectly matured and prepared in their in-house butchery. You can even watch it being prepared – the steakhouse has an open kitchen concept. We had a really great evening with a cozy atmosphere, super delicious food and varied drinks. We can definitely recommend THEO’S.

A unique restaurant with a noble atmosphere

The restaurant is located inside the Grand Elysée in Hamburg and even the entrance is majestic. We entered the place through a luminous archway that leads to a large door. There, we were welcomed and our jackets were taken care of right away. We indicated our reservation and were shown to our table.

The decor and overall ambiance of the restaurant seems very classy. There are not too many tables, so the restaurant does not seem crowded, even though it was completely booked that evening. By the way, this is not an exceptional situation – THEO’s is quite popular. We reserved our table a month in advance and even then, not all time slots were available in the online reservation tool.

The team of THEO’s pays a lot of attention to the selection of ingredients, especially when it comes to meat. The animals come from the USA, Ireland and Germany and grow up on large pastures. Special attention is also paid to the feed. After slaughtering, the in-house butchery takes care of the drying, maturing and preparation. In the restaurant itself there is an “open-kitchen-concept”, which means that you could see exactly how the food is prepared. The steaks are cooked to perfection in an 800-degree oven. Despite the open kitchen and the fully booked restaurant, it was not noisy at all. Throughout the entire time, we noticed a very pleasant volume and atmosphere.

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The Service of a Great Steakhouse in Hamburg!

The staff is very friendly and attentive. After we sat down at our table, a waiter came, introduced himself and told us that he was personally in charge of our table tonight. In general, there was a lot of staff that evening, all of them were very friendly and accommodating.

We ordered a bottle of still water (8€). However, the drink came only 10-15 minutes after we ordered it, which is quite a long wait for water. Still, it came with some warm bread and butter. The bread smelled like it came fresh from the classiest bakery in Hamburg. And the butter tasted very good, too.

When we ordered the main course, the waiter asked us if he could give us a recommendation. Of course, we gratefully accepted. The menu is not too big, so the dishes are carefully selected and coordinated. In the end, we decided on the following:

  • T-bone steak 91 €
  • Filet mignon, dry aged 30 €
  • Truffled mashed potatoes
  • French Fries
  • Framed cauliflower with roasted garlic
  • Carrots with thyme honey

Each meat dish comes with two side dishes of your choice. Each additional side dish is an extra 5€. 

THEO's Drinks

We chose to celebrate the evening with a glass of Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut sparkling wine (16€ each glass). The drink was brought to us rather quickly. In addition, there was a small bowl with vegetable sticks of carrots, celery, and cucumber for snacking.

Let’s Check out the Restaurant

Now we had a little time to take a closer look at the restaurant. The coordinated colors in a beautiful beige, brown and gold especially caught our eyes. There is one light above each table that illuminates the respective area, otherwise there are hardly any other lights. This brings a great, private atmosphere to each table. The menu is very high quality and available in both German and English. We noticed that the staff disinfects their hands at a gel machine from time to time, which is a great gesture and lets you feel safe.

Food is Coming!

The food came on a white serving trolley, which was put to our table as an extension. First, the side dishes were placed on the table, then came the steaks. The presentation was insane – the steaks were served on a beautiful platter and still sizzled on top. It was already perfectly cut and the waiter served us a good amount of cuts on our pre-warmed plates. All plates and bowls were warm/hot, so you could enjoy warm food even after a few minutes.

THEO's Steak

But how does it Taste?

Right up front, it was irresistible! The meat had a butter sauce that left a unique taste. It was not oily or unpleasant, on the contrary, the taste was perfectly balanced between butter, salt and meat. Simply juicy, tender and fresh. The side dishes were also great! You could literally taste how each ingredient was perfectly matched. The cauliflower and carrots were cooked to perfection and the mashed potatoes had just the right touch of truffle. Only with the French Fries there is something to complain about: Unfortunately, they were very salty and, at least for me, hard to enjoy.

The Perfect Ending to a Great Evening

Finally, we had dessert and two cocktails.

  • New York Cheesecake 11 €
  • White Russian 12 €
  • Gin Basil Smash 15 €

The cheesecake had a different consistency than you might be used to from the original cheesecake, but that made the dish special. The presentation was also great. We were able to substitute chocolate ice cream for the blueberry ice cream. 
The cocktails looked very classy, in keeping with the ambiance. The Gin Basil Smash was very tasty and refreshing. The White Russian, however, was very strongly mixed for our taste and accordingly tasted quite strongly of vodka. Nevertheless, everything together was enjoyable and a perfect end to a delicious dinner.

Overall Rating

Food Taste
Food Quality
Service Speed
Personnel Friendliness
Value for Money

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