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In a nutshell, we can only recommend Bun’s Streetfood to a limited extent. The food is delicious and of course looks great, but it didn’t knock our socks off. The ambience also has room for improvement. Nevertheless, we recommend you stop by and make up your own mind!

The Hype Around Bun’s Streetfood in Hamburg

You’ll find the hyped restaurant Bun’s Streetfood at Schulterblatt 118 in Hamburg. The large eatery sits on the corner of a fairly busy street. Nevertheless, there is also a spacious and cozy outdoor area. We wanted to use this during our visit, because it was quite crowded inside. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to do so – a small disappointment at the beginning.

But we still managed to get a table inside and were looking forward to the delicious looking sandwiches. On the tables to the left and right, we could already spot the first sandwich creations. These are all served similarly: The toasted brioche bread (with various toppings) comes in a metal box filled with fries. Optional sauce is also included, but it costs extra. Bun’s also offers “regular sandwiches” and bowls. The selection of drinks is also quite big. They offer many iced teas of their own creations and various cocktails.

Our Drinks

To drink we had:

  • Detox – mineral water, cucumber, mint, ginger & freshly squeezed lemon juice (4.50 €)
  • Berry Lush – pineapple juice, strawberries, cane sugar syrup, lime juice & lemon juice (5.50 €)

I ordered the detox drink without ginger, which went without a problem. The two drinks came after a little less than 10 minutes. Both looked very tasty. The detox drink was good, but here the mixing ratio of lemon and mint did not quite fit for my taste. The Berry Lush was super sweet. It had two roasted marshmallows as garnish, which gave a glimpse of the sweetness of the drink. We also heard small complaints at our neighboring table that the drinks that were ordered were a bit too sweet.

The Ambience

While we were waiting for our food, we took a look around. The restaurant is very simply furnished. There is hardly any decoration to be found and honestly, we missed that a little. Even the beautiful, large window fronts did little to help the atmosphere. For us, it is not a restaurant to feel comfortable.

The staff also did not necessarily lighten the atmosphere. The service was friendly, but you could get the feeling that one or the other employee does not feel like doing their job today. We find that very unfortunate.

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Our Order

After about 15 minutes, our order arrived:

  • Cheeseburger Bun – beef patty, cheddar, romaine lettuce, tomato, onions & Buns’s burger sauce and extra fried egg (11.90 € + 2.50 €)
  • Korean Chicken Bun – crispy breaded chicken glazed with Korean spicy sauce, sesame seeds, cheddar cheese, tomato, green onions, romaine lettuce & mayo (13.50 €)
  • Homemade sauce: Chili Cheese (2 €)

The dishes look super. The buns are decorated with sauce and look really juicy. They are also served very hot, which definitely improved the taste of the dishes.

Cheeseburger Bun 

The cheeseburger bun was good. Unfortunately, I can’t say more than “good” this time. It just didn’t knock our socks off. For me, the fried egg was definitely the highlight and I wouldn’t order it without it. Still, it just didn’t taste like something special to us.

Korean Chicken Bun 

The Korean Chicken Bun was also good. The chicken was juicy, and the ingredients worked well together. However, it is also true here that it has not blown us away.

The fries on the other hand were very crispy and deliciously seasoned. The chili cheese sauce was also okay but for 2 € extra a little expensive. In general, we found it a bit of a shame that there is no sauce with the fries, unless you buy it separately.

A Plant for Dessert?

Last but not least, we tried the dessert. You can see that Oreo Cheesecake (6.50 €) everywhere on social media, because of its special arrangement. The dessert looks like a plant in a pot! So we were served a small flower pot including a saucer and small spades as spoons. On top as “earth” you see Oreo crumbs and the plant is represented with a mint stalk. We found it very cute!

Then, digging through the soil, you also reach the cheesecake. In general, the dessert is very tasty, but definitely something for your sweet tooth, because this dish is also quite sweet.


All in all, we can recommend Bun’s Streetfood to a certain extent. For us, however, the store is unfortunately not worth the hype. The dishes look delicious and absolutely “Instagrammable”, but unfortunately nothing more. Maybe we had a bad day – so try it for yourselves and tell us what you think of Bun’s Streetfood in Hamburg!

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